April 7, 2022

  9 Top Apple Perfumes And Fragrances

DKNY Be Delicious perfume

Who doesn't love the apple perfumes? From crisp to beautiful juicy red ones, they're all delicious! Apple scents are very popular and the perfect companion in spring and summer.

If you love apple fragrances this article is a must-read! As a perfume note essential to the creation of many popular fragrances, this fruit can sometimes play a supporting role and at other times be the central theme. In the fragrances we review here, the apple aroma takes center stage!

The Top & Best Smelling Scents

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DKNY Be Delicious Fragrance

Best green apple scent - DKNY Be Delicious

DKNY Be Delicious

Be Delicious is a fruity floral perfume that embodies the character of a mischievous but charming woman who is adventurous enough to travel the world and spread her positive energy.

Be Delicious begins with the sparkling freshness of green apple note, grapefruit combined with violet leaf bonded together by magnolia's sweet-smelling petals.

The heart reveals tuberose, lily-of-the-valley, rose, and violets mined from deep within where it blossoms brightly.

Finally, amber adds depth to this lighthearted feminine aroma as it closes on powdery sandalwood and woody notes. 

In Be Delicious green apple notes are taking the lead, creating a lovely aroma to surround you all day! 

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Nina by Nina Ricci Perfume

Nina by Nina Ricci EDT

Nina for Women

Nina by Nina Ricci apple perfume helps bring out the youthful, romantic sophistication in any woman who wears it. Make it your signature scent!

This refreshing perfume will add a touch of timeless sophistication that lasts for hours. This contemporary scent will surely add a touch of idyllic and romantic feel to your ensemble. 

The unique blend of lemon and lime adds its sweet citrusy aroma, while the combination of florals, Granny Smith apple note, and cedar adds a heartwarming feeling to this young and carefree fragrance.

Pulp by Byredo EDP

Byredo Pulp Eau De Parfum

Pulp by Byredo

Byredo Pulp mixes tangy aromas with clean, sour notes for a fruity fragrance. Layered and refined, this women's fragrance intrigues with the scent of bitter bergamot, tangy black currant, and the earthy sweetness of cardamom.

Designed by Byredo in 2008 as an extremely strong fragrance, Pulp leaves a lasting impression on those you meet because of its unique and modern smell, which is different from many other perfumes out there today.
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Imari Blossom Best Scent

Imari Blossom

Imari Blossom EDT

What an aroma! The initial burst of apple note is crisp, tart, and juicy, but it's balanced perfectly by the iris, which adds a puff of powder and pulls the fragrance onto dry land.

There's some spice here, which rounds out the sweet and floral notes. Then, the woodsy base becomes apparent early on, but it becomes deeper and earthier as the fragrance settles, which makes Imari Blossom great for those who love a floral perfume with some woods!

Moment de Bonheur L'Eau Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher L'Eau Moment de Bonheur

Moment de Bonheur L'Eau

Moment de Bonheur L'Eau EDT is a fresh, light, and feminine fragrance. It has the apple note, but the soft musky rose tones linger on your skin once it settles.

This is a great day-to-day fragrance that isn't too powerful or too sweet. You can wear Moment on an everyday basis in summer. Moment de Bonheur L'Eau  perfume is interesting while still being feminine and pretty! One of the most popular fragrances.

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DKNY Great Golden Delicious

Donna Karan Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious By Donna Karan 

Golden Delicious, this EDP is summery and light. It contains fruit notes, apple notes, rose, and lily. It has a lovely clean aroma that may appeal to some who like more mature and subtle perfumes. The design of this bottle truly stands out and compliments the wearers’ fashion; we recommend it for all ages.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue EDT

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue EDT

Dolce and Gabbana 

Light Blue EDT by Dolce & Gabbana Perfume: be like an Italian siren every time you apply it!  This warm and wonderful women's perfume is renowned for its seductive oceanic-inspired citrus aroma.

It opens with the delectable aroma of Sicilian lemons and crisp Granny Smith apples before transitioning into jasmine, rose, bluebells, bamboo, and amber.

This breath of fresh air is ready to stimulate your senses while making you feel young and vibrant! Spray on Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue whenever you need a reminder of summer sunsets.
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Tommy Girl Eau De Prep


Tommy Girl 

The popular Eau de Prep Tommy Girl is a girl’s perfect companion, regardless of whether she’s at the tennis court or in a ballroom.

The fragrance opens with top notes of pink pepper, apple note, and violet leaves. The heart carries the smell of white roses, and the composition closes with sandalwood, hawthorn, and musk.

It is the ultimate accessory that completes your look and provides a long-lasting, memorable image just like you!

Donna Karan - Red Delicious

Dkny Red Delicious

DKNY Red Delicious

Red Delicious by Donna Karan: this fruit-flavored fragrance is opens with litchi and raspberry notes. The sweet apple notes are the heart of this apple fragrance. Fresh rose can also be found in this well-rounded fragrance. Musk, amber, and vanilla pack a punch with this Donna Karan complex scent for feminine women who don't want an aroma that will easily fade on them!

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FAQ About Apple Fragrances

What scent goes well with Apple?

Apple composes well with several other ingredients, including cedarwood, ambergris, pink pepper, and lemon. The complementary nature of this flavor plays well with any scent that has fruit notes.

What is the best green apple perfume?

One of the most popular designer fragrances dedicated to apple scent is for sure DKNY Be Delicious. It is an extremely impressive blend that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who smells it.

Is there a perfume that smells like apples?

DKNY Golden Delicious smells exactly how you'd expect it to, crisp and just like a delicious apple should smell. This one's definitely great during the warmer months of spring or summer, especially if you're looking for something that'll really get you up and at 'em.

Closing Thoughts On Apple Scent

This perfumes are smelling great to keep you feeling refreshed on long summer days. I hope you have enjoyed reading through our selection of the best apple scented perfume!
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