October 18, 2022
Best Ariana Grande Perfumes

9 Best Ariana Grande Perfume 

Best Ariana Grande perfumes are a special collection which features scents inspired by the superstar herself.

Ariana Grande perfumes are designed especially to be full of fun, like her tour bus! 

Best Overall Perfume: Ariana Grande Ari

Amazing & Best Ariana Grande Perfumes

1. Best Ariana Grande Ari Parfum Spray

Best perfume - Ari EDP opens with a sweet fragrance of vanilla and sugar cookies combined with fruity notes of apricot and peach. 

Upon application, the scent becomes sweeter and remains quite fruity, although it has an ever-so-slight musky undertone that makes it more youth-oriented.

Within 20 minutes, the fruitiness dies down completely and the great aroma becomes a vanilla blend featuring smoky woods and musky details. Ariana Grande Ari lasts for about 3 hours. 

According to research, men often look for a more masculine scent. One factor that comes into play is longevity; they want to be able to smell it throughout the day. 

Ariana Grande’s new Ari fragrance line has launched and it is perfect as a daytime scent, or a fun, girly day whether you are working at the office, hanging with friends during the weekend or even just want to wear perfume. 

It’s the fragrance for people who want a cute aroma without having to spend too much money on a “nicer” brand. 

Sometimes simplicity is amazing! If you're into fruity vanilla scents we think you'll probably enjoy this one!

A consumer thinks: Ariana Grande perfume is cute, fun and flirty. Whenever I smell it, it makes me smile. Smells like a fresh raspberry sugary donut.

It's very sweet, dare I even say sickly but the woody base saves it. I love sweet fragrances tho. This is my favorite Ariana Grande. You can't really go wrong with this fragrance.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Raspberry, Pear and Pink Grapefruit; middle are Vanilla orchid, Rose and Lily-of-the-Valley; base are Marshmallow, Musk and Woody Notes.
And let's not forget the white pom pom!

2. Ariana Grande R.E.M Eau De Parfum

R.E.M Ariana Grande edp, one of the best

R.E.M Ariana Grande perfume

The mission of Ariana Grande REM EDP is to take you to places beyond your imagination and make you feel powerful inside knowing that what we've already done is nothing in comparison to what we can dream!

We want Ariana's love for space and the universe to fuel your desires by making you feel as if you could conquer the entire galaxy.

A sweet scent, fruity, gourmand, and oriental - full of surprises!

The great composition of this fragrance opens with warm notes of quince, figs, salted caramels, and a kefir accord giving way to the calming base notes of the lavender combined with gentle pear blossom petals. 

The heart settles down on tonka bean, musks and sandalwood for a beautiful finish that will make all eyes turn towards you when you wear it!

It has a moderate longevity and sillage.

And our consumer: This is so unique for a celebrity fragrance, it's definitely Ariana's most natural smelling.

It literally smells like an diffuser that consists of lavender and mint essential oil. The name really represents the fragrance, it's so aroma-therapeutic and I can't wait to spray this on before bed.

3. Best EDP - God is a Woman 

God is a Woman

Best Ariana Grande Perfume - God is a Woman

The feminine and alluring scent of God is A Woman, has a distinct floral element that endures through to its warming, sweet end.

The best Ariana Grande fragrance comes with a hint of warmth and spice, which never overwhelms the lightness of this elegant scent

The top notes of crispy pear accented with ambrette; the middle has a musky orris with the exotic Turkish rose and base notes of sandalwood.

And a consumer ides: Ariana only gets better and better with her scents! I love them ALL, but there are only a couple I wear myself, like this one, Cloud, and REM.

The others are a little too sweet for me, but this one balances her sweet tooth into a much smoother scent so it's not overwhelming and I love it!

Notes: Top are Pear and Ambrette (Musk Mallow); middle are Orris and Turkish Rose; base are Madagascar Vanilla and Sandalwood.

4. Cloud 2.0 Intense EDP

Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Intense EDP is a creamy blend of coconut and sweet marshmallow that gets even better when it's worn for longer than a few hours.

This scent will make the perfect airy, musky scent that can be worn all throughout the year!

Whether you wear this scent at home when it's cold out or going about your daily routine, the aroma isn't heavy but makes everything feel just good. 

It has comforting feeling - may remind you of heavenly goodness in food!

Our consumer thinks: Similar to Ariana sweet like candy, but not as sweet. It also reminds me of philosophy falling in love which has better longevity.

I do get the similarity to B&BW warm vanilla sugar, but again has better longevity than Cloud.

It is a lovely scent that has a lavender note I actually like, and I can imagine this working nicely for a day at the beach, or if you prefer quieter scents that sit closer to the skin. 

Notes: Top Note: Lavender, Bergamot and Pear. Middle: Whipped cream, Praline, Coconut and Vanilla orchid. Base:  Ambroxan, Cashmeran, Musk and Woodsy Notes

5. Ariana Grande Sweet - Sweet Like Candy

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy is a light and sweet fragrance that many young women will love.

This fun scent is a great way to add some pep into your step during the day or any time you feel you need a pick-me-up.

If you're looking for a way to bring a little more joy into your life, then Sweet Like Candy is precisely the scent that you need!

The top notes of Ariana Grande Sweet are sugary cotton candy, with fresh Italian bergamot and sugar-frosted blackberries.

The heart notes include fluffy marshmallow accord and cream, while the finishing notes of vanilla and precious woods add just enough zest without overpowering all that came before it.

She said: Just like with Moonlight, I like to wear this at night to bed, because it's soothing and sweet.

What I like about this fragrance (and most celebrity fragrances) is that they're safe buys--it may not be unique or distinctive, but there's no danger here that you'll smell it feel the need to wash it off / no danger of mistaking this for grandma old scent.

Fragrance Notes: 

Top: Bergamot, Blackberry, Pear. Heart: Black currant, Whipped cream, Marshmallow, Frangipani, Jasmine sambac. Base: Vanilla, Cashmere woods.

6. Top Value For Money - Thank U Next Perfume

Ariana Grande's collection has sweet and playful tropical scents.

Thank U Next, Ariana Grande signature scent is the perfect choice for fans of fruity, juicy smelling aroma.

In its upper notes, we can smell the scent of pear. This is counter balanced with the smell of raspberry.

The blending of these two fruits makes for an especially fresh start to the scent profile. 

As Thank U Next dries down, the middle notes are revealed with a combination of rose and coconut that is truly remarkable. 

At this point, our hearts are warmed by the sweet hint of best macaroon pastry or sugary treat.

This great perfume is the perfect to be used outdoors or during casual settings.

She had to say: It's the #1 girly girl scent I've smelled and a perfect summer perfume, it's not my usual style so I only got the travel size but I'll definitely use it for days when I want to feel pretty in pink :).

Unfortunately it doesn't last long on my skin, maybe two hours, but I have a small body spray of it so that will help me amp it up.

Notes: Top: Red apple. Middle: Pink rose. Bottom: Cotton candy.

7. Best Lavender - Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum

Ariana Grande designs her perfumes to represent who she is.

To underscore this message in the fragrance's design, very fine and rich materials have been incorporated into each of the fragrances of this line.

Each scent is representative of the atmosphere that she wants her fans to experience when they encounter her music or see her performing live.

Ariana Grande Cloud perfume derives its essence from a blend of ingredients that is lovely yet subtle. The voluptuous scents include Nerolie flowers, rose petals, and Indian jasmine

These are mixed with various blends consisting of sandalwood, benzoin resinoid, incense, amber crystals absolute, and a bevy of musks for depth.

The Cloud is the most pricey of the Ariana Grande's line. What a shape! In this case, you do get what you pay for because the scent is a paradise

It's such an intense mix of different smells—you can’t figure out what each smell actually is, so it doesn't overwhelm your senses.

The scent starts off as full on lavender blossom with a very slight tart to it from the bergamot and about 30 minutes later the praline comes out with a medicinal balsmic smell.

Ten minutes later the whipped cream comes out an the lavender backs down, nearing the end of perfume the wood comes out and so does this vanilla smell.

The projection, longevity is moderate lasting around 6-7 hours and turns into a skin scent about the 3 hour mark.

Notes: Top notes are Lavender, Pear blossom and Bergamot; middle notes are Whipped cream, Praline, Coconut and Vanilla orchid; base notes are Musk and Woody Notes.

8. Ariana Grande Moonlight EDP

This Ariana Grande perfume has a seductive touch of creamy sandalwood and black amber becomes magnified when blended with sensual vanilla to form a luminous perfume that Ari’s newest creation, Moonlight.

Within this composition reside the fruity notes of juicy plum and sparkling rich blackcurrant that wear down into warmth permeated by musks. The scent is sweet, feminine, and relaxed.

A final seductive touch of creamy sandalwood, black amber, sensual vanilla, and sparkling rich blackcurrant and juicy plum creates the luminous and alluring scent with a mature feel.

This top perfume is preferably used at night time or as an evening floral scent with musky undertones. 

It brings out your feminine side and we can also see it as a refined spring or summer perfume. 

Notes: Top notes are Plum and Black Currant; middle notes are Marshmallow and Peony; base notes are Vanilla notes, Sandalwood and Amber.

9. Ariana Grande Perfumes Holiday Set

Ariana's Holiday Perfume Gift Set

The gift set includes the perfumes:

  • Ariana Grande R.E.M
  • Thank U Next
  • Ariana Ari
  • Grande Sweet Like Candy
  • Cloud perfumes

This brand new perfume set is a rare find! Who wouldn’t want to smell like Ariana Grande just for one day?

It comes with five perfumes so you can indulge in each of her sensual scents and her fan favorites.

You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

FAQ ariana grande

Does Ariana Grande Perfume Cloud Last Long?

Ariana Grande perfume Cloud, though new in the market still has done a very good job of keeping its reputation. Since, Ariana Grande Cloud perfume is a high quality fragrance and has a long longevity

You can smell it for about 8 hours on your skin (on average) and will definitely last you through at least 7 hours after that. So when you spray Ariana Grande perfume Cloud on as soon as it arrives in your hands, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how long it lasts.

What does Ariana Grande Thank u next smell like?

Thank U Next, Ariana Grande fragrance opens with a fabulous scent of sparkling white pear and wild raspberry that adds depth to the opening. It's wonderful, but then it fades. 

You'll notice smooth notes of creamy coconut and delicate pink rose petals while divine velvety musk helps to add glamour to this fruity fragrance. For added sassiness like Ari herself, macaroon sugar adds just the right touch for that extra element you’d never want to be leaving out!

What does Ariana Cloud smell like?

Cloud by Ariana Grande is a floral fruity gourmand fragrance for women, it has a smell like cotton candy. The fragrance features notes of pear, whipped cream milkshake accord, praline accord and orchid petals with base notes of musk and sandalwood.

Closing Thoughts

Best Ariana Grande perfumes just have something very special about them - you know they are Ariana's perfumes when you smell them, it's almost like experiencing her music in yet another form.

There aren't many celebrity scents out there and at a time when scents are so present in our lives and we expect to love or hate them for all the right reasons, celebrity fragrances often feel like an easy way out.

With this range though it feels substantial with even more character than your average designer perfume!