January 1, 2021

Best Burberry Cologne for 2021 Reviews 

William Burberry founded Burberry perfumes design house in 1856. Burberry Fragrances are a favorite and loved till today!

Celebs like Matthew McConaughey, Bono and Oprah Winfrey wear Burberry fragrances every day to make them feel good.

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Best Burberry Cologne for 2021

#1 Our Top Choice: Touch Eau De Toilette for Men


Touch Eau De Toilette for Men

The Burberry Touch Eau De Toilette Spray. The scent is a blend of pine, citrus leaves and musk, which makes it a unique perfume that redefines the meaning of casual day wear. This Burberry cologne features top notes of bergamot and mandarin; middle notes of geranium; and base notes of cedarwood and tonka bean.  It's fresh and has a young all around smell to it.

Burberry Touch for Men is a splendidly bright scent that has citrus undertones to it. This best seller is a daytime fragrance, or rather a casual wear scent ideal for everyday use or formal occasions. 

Fragrance Notes

Top: petitgrain, artemisia, violet leaves

Heart: nutmeg, pepper, cedar wood

Base: musk, tonkin beans, vetiver

#2 Excellent Value: Brit Rhythm Men Eau de Toilette

BURBERRY Brit Rhythm

Brit Rhythm Men Eau de Toilette

Burberry Rhythms by Burberry Cologne. Perfect for any situation, Burberry Rhythms takes the wearer to a world that appears both sophisticated and of our time. Sculpted by legendary British high-fashion brand Burberry, the men's fragrance is a 2013 release: romantic but with a dash of edge. Powerful leather and citrus notes mingle with green vervain and basil of the highest-quality; juniper berries lend a fresh yet spicy note to the heady mix - making this subtle glamour perfect for any ensemble from boardroom to bar.

Fragrance Notes

Top: lemon, lemon beebrush, juniper berry, basil mint, green cardamom
Heart: incense, tonkin beans, sandalwood
Base: leather, styrax, cedar, patchouli

#3 Deluxe: Mr. BURBERRY Eau de Parfum


Mr. BURBERRY Eau de Parfum

The Mr by Mr Burberry fragrance was introduced in 2016. It's ideal for today's contemporary person who spends much of their time living in the office or traveling around the world. This fragrance is that it can become a signature scent, although you never want to smell like someone else. The cologne opens with refreshing notes of mint, herbal tarragon, spicy cardamom, and citrus grapefruit. The middle notes then give way to delicate undertones of lavender, woody scent, sweet nutmeg, birch leaf, oak moss and warm benzoin. Base notes come through next with hints of guaiac wood and relaxing sandalwood along with amberwood. 

Mr Burberry cologne is moderately long-lasting so it will last through most events without having to be reapplied. A thoughtful blend of scents, a moderate sillage , and a bold bottle make this a unique find among designer colognes for men! It was created by Burberry, an international brand known for excellence in its craft.

Fragrance Notes

Top: grapefruit, green cardamom, cinnamon
Heart: birch, cedar wood, patchouli
Base: amber, vera wood, vetiver

#4 Burberry Men's Classic

Burberry Men's Classic

Burberry Men's Classic

Burberry by Burberry is an aromatic unique fragrance that exudes a combination of a fresh mint-lavender, woody notes and fruit notes. It is the best cologne to wear when one wants to have a unique scent that is suitable for any occasion whether it's professional or personal! 

A Burberry cologne for a guy who wants to attract the opposite sex whilst still retaining their masculine appeal.


Top: citrus bergamia, tagetes, blackcurrant, peach, green apple
Heart: lime fruit, jasmine, lavender, mint, cedar wood, oak moss, sandalwood
Base: musk, tonkin beans, vanilla

#5 Mr. BURBERRY Indigo



Mr Burberry Indigo, a Burberry cologne for men, spicy and refreshing, with hints of powdery tones.  This eau de toilette is described by the brand as embodying all things sophisticated and refined - it's an interesting contrast of city and country living. The Burberry cologne itself is fruity with notes of rosemary, blackcurrant, and lemon oil at the top; middle notes consist of driftwood, spearmint, green violet leaf; while the base notes are white oak moss, amber, and musk.

It makes for a great scent that works really well for those with an active work schedule who need something that will keep them from feeling overwhelmed from being in enclosed spaces all day long.


Top: lemon, rosemary

Middle: violet, mint

Base: amber, oak moss

#6 BURBERRY London



BURBERRY London has a very sharp and strong aroma that lasts for a long time. You will be getting several compliments when you use this powerful scent that attracts attention. One spray is enough to last you all day long, that means it can be your signature scent which you can easily carry with you anywhere in your bag.

The famous Burberry cologne for men is perfect for the winter and fall months and it will stick around with you all day long, but without being too overtaking. 


Top: citrus bergamia, lavender, violet leaves, pepper

Middle: leather, mimosa, fortified wine

Base: tobacco, natural gum, vera wood, oak moss

#7 BURBERRY The Beat



The Beat by Burberry is an aromatic fragrance for men. The scent combines a specially formulated blend of spicy, woody, citrusy and green notes to produce a fine fragrance that lasts for hours without going flat. The Beat Cologne by Burberry is the perfect choice for work or play, lunch meetings or a romantic night on the town. Spritz on some on The Beat to boost your self-confidence and feel confident no matter what situation you're facing!


Top: hesperidium fruits, violet leaves, black pepper
Middle: iris, tea
Base: myrtle, vetiver

#8 BURBERRY Weekend



Start your weekend with a Burberry cologne for men! The Burberry's Weekend. It's rich masculine scent is sure to keep you feeling energized all day long. This exciting fragrance combines a touch of bergamot with fruity notes of pineapple and melons. A splash of mandarin orange and tangy grapefruit gives it a citrus scent that will open up your senses and give you an extra boost when getting ready in the morning to take on the challenges ahead!


Top: citrus bergamia, grapefruit, lemon, mandarine, melon, pineapple
Middle: evergreen vine, oak moss, sandalwood
Base: amber, honey, musk

#9 Brit Rhythm Intense

Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense

Brit Rhythm Intense

Captivate the room with one of the best Burberry colognes, the Brit Rhythm Intense, a men's fragrance that is casual and modern. Brit Rhythm Intense contains rich leather notes laced with amber transitions into tonka bean base notes. It was introduced in 2015. Top notes of mint contrast with spicy touches of cumin.


Top: mint, sage, absinthe wormwood, pepper, fortified wine, cuminum
Middle: amber, leather, patchouli
Base: cashmeran, tonkin beans, vera wood

#10 Summer Cologne

Burberry SUMMER

Summer Cologne

I dont know where you can get this ???????????????????

Burberry's Summer Cologne is part of the Summer Collection of Burberry Fragrances for men. Introduced in 2011, this wonderful perfume has a very unique blend of notes that are more uncommon for cologne scents. The scent is subtle yet long-lasting. The top notes are lime, pineapple and thyme. At the heart of the scent is geranium, which offers more floral tones. This section also includes mint and amber crystals which offer a sweet tone to the fragrance and add a layer of depth to it. It concludes with resonant woody and fruity base notes composed primarily of musk and tonka bean extract which create an elegantly crisp smell.


Top: lime fruit, citrus yuzu, mint, green apple
Middle: meridian fennel, driftwood
Base: amber, musk, cedar wood

Frequently Asked Questions

Burberry Hero, Starring the Oscar winner Adam Driver, Burberry's new campaign for its fragrance Burbery Hero which focuses on men uses the rugged majesty of landscapes that are loved by heroes.

Burberry Men was created by the design house of Burberry. It is a woody aromatic fragrance for men. The scent was launched in 1995 and comes from the design house's Spice and Wood collection.. A Burberry creation, this scent was created by Creations Aromatiques and Michel Almairac.

As all of best burberry colognes concentration it has average projection for the first 3 hours… then becomes more subtle. This fragrance out of London is perfect for everyday casual wear. It project lasts about 5 – 7 plus hours. As per most Burberry fragrances this one too can be described as a perennial fashion house favorite with a timeless appeal. 

Closing Thoughts On Burberry

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