September 8, 2021
Best Tom Ford Perfumes for Women - Orchid Soleil EDP

Best Tom Ford Perfumes For Women 2022

Each of the Tom Ford perfumes for women reviewed here is unique in its own fabulous way. This iconic brand uses luxurious ingredients that create long-lasting, exotic, and memorable scents on the skin. 

Best Tom Ford Perfumes for Women - Orchid Soleil EDP

The Best Tom Ford Perfumes For Women

Our Top Choice: White Patchouli Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford White Patchouli by Tom Ford for Women. Eau De Parfum - best tom ford perfume

Tom Ford White Patchouli Eau De Parfum

If you're looking for an impeccably elegant scent to wear, look no further than Tom Ford White Patchouli EDP.

The long-lasting scent of this perfume will leave an impression on anyone around you.

The high quality of this perfume can be seen through the simplicity of the design.

White Patchouli scent is created using the finest ingredients and is sure to leave you feeling like you're walking around in the finest designer clothes.

Second review for this: WP is beautiful, powerful and everlasting. Even though this fragrance has several notes I dislike - patchouli for instance - the totality of WP is breathtakingly lovely. It's also very expensive and thus beyond my meager budget. So I'm making my sample last although there's the tendency to apply it with abandon.
Tom Ford, you're breaking my heart!
Top Notes: Bergamot, White flowers, Peony, Coriander
Middle Notes: Rose absolute, Jasmine, Ambrette seed
Base Notes: Patchouli, Blonde woods, Incense

Excellent Value: Black Orchid EDP

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau De Parfum

Black Orchid perfume is perhaps one of the most elegant creations in the Tom Ford collection with its gorgeous floral heart and woody base. The fragrance embodies the very best in class and sophistication, spicy and floral notes.

Treat yourself to an elegant scent that's rich in history and style. Use on special occasions to truly make a lasting impression.

Black Orchid is a rich blend of spice and darkness to revolve around you. Unleash its perfect power - both rare and extraordinary.

Black Orchid is stunning. The right amount of florals and spices which together create this beautiful scent.
Gardenia, Dark Chocolate, Incense and Patchouli in the dry down give it this intoxicating creaminess that reminds me of why I love Gardenia by Chanel, yet Black Orchid gives it more of a seductive feel.
Black Truffle may be something that is off putting to some but it gives Black Orchid a hint of a savoury facet to it, but combined with all the spices and the floral notes, it’s just incredible and a rarity.

Top Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin orange
Middle Notes: Orchid, Black truffle, Spicy notes, Fruity notes, Lotus
Base Notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Incense, Amber, Chocolate, Vanilla

Deluxe: Santal Blush EDP

Tom Ford Santal Blush Eau De Parfum

Santal Blush Eau De Parfum

If you're a lover of woody and spicy scents, then Santal Blush, created by the powerhouse of Tom Ford, is a must-try for you! 

Tom ford perfume Santal Blush is a heavy-hitting oriental fragrance with great depth and complexity.

It bursts with exotic bergamot smell and creamy sandalwood and then unfolding series of spicy and floral notes. Waves of deep cumin and soft, spiced cinnamon rise and fall, mingling with waves of creamy sandalwood and patchouli.

This bold and deep perfume will unite with your skin to create a truly unique and extraordinary new fragrance.

This is very very nice. But you absolutely must love spicy/woody fragrances in order to appreciate this beauty. For my untrained nose a few years ago, Santal Blush smelled too challenging, way too spicy and far too woodsy. Now, I am better able to smell it and enjoy the blended notes of spice and sandalwood. It also smells a tad leathery but in a refined way. This screams class and poise. I really really like this one.

Top Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin
Middle Notes:
Orchid, Spicy notes, Fruity notes, Lotus
Base Notes:
Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Incense, Amber, Chocolate, Vanilla

Velvet Orchid EDP

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau De Parfum

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau De Parfum

Everyone knows the feeling of wanting to smell good but not knowing which scent to choose.

Velvet Orchid EDP is one of the best Tom Ford fragrances for women on the market. It is warm, inviting, and seductive so that you can wear it on many different occasions. 

Velvet Orchid perfume will provide you with the sophistication you desire. It would be best if you had it in your arsenal.

It lasts for hours!

The woman who wears this is not a wildflower... she’s an Orchid.
I am not a fan of Black Orchid at all so I did not expect to like this one, however, it is the perfect blend of floral, earthy, and resinous for me. It doesn't have that foul truffle note I can't stand in BO and although it has a honey note it's not too sweet. I also don't like hyacinth at all, it smells of nasal spray to me, but the hyacinth note is either undetectable or so well blended in Velvet Orchid that it doesn't stand out to me at all. Wonderful composition, perfect for cooler weather but probably too heavy for warm weather.

Top Notes: Italian bergamot , Mandarin, Rum succan absolute, Honey

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Turkish rose oil, Cattleva leopoldii orchid, Black orchid, Orange blossom, Moroccan rose, Heliotropin, Magnolia, Jonquil, Hyacinth

Base Notes: Labdanum, Sandalwood, Peru balsam, Myrrh, Suede, Comoro island creamy vanilla

Noir Pour Femme EDP

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme Eau De Parfum

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme Eau De Parfum

If you’re looking for a bold and sensual fragrance that is slightly mysterious, a great Tom Ford Perfume might be right up your alley.

Noir Pour Femme perfume has a blend of warm and sweet gourmands that punctuate notes of bitter orange oil, rose absolute, and amber. 

The Oriental floral fragrance makes for a dramatic yet sophisticated combination that can help lift one’s spirits on gloomy days such as fall or winter.

Top Notes: Citrus, Spice, Mandarin, Bitter orange, Ginger
Middle Notes: Rose absolute, Jasmine, Orange flower, Indian Kulfi accord
Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood

Tom Ford Metallique

Tom Ford Metallique

Tom Ford Metallique

While there are several variants of the original Tom Ford fragrance for women that most people know and love, the brand aims to win over a new crowd with Métallique

This new fragrance is designed with a lighter, more modern take on the classic Tom Ford scent.

It's meant to smell like a second skin and is designed for modern wear. 

It's very different from what I expected but that's not necessarily a bad thing, either. I love the rich balsams here, it really serves to add depth, roundness, and a dark uplifting quality to the aldehydes and vanilla. The soft powdery florals make this one, cool and unique.

Top Notes: Aldehydes, Bergamot, Pink peppercorn

Middle Notes: Hawthorn, Lily-of-the-valley, Heliotrope

Base Note: Ambrette seed, Peru balsam, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Orchid Soleil EDP

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau De Parfum

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil EDP

Experience the lovely warmth of Tom Ford Orchid Soleil. It invokes the sparkling scent of summer. This decadent scent blends floral fragrances and spicy accords to deliver a deliciously heady aroma. 

Treat yourself to the luxurious feel of Tom Ford perfumes' newest addition, Orchid Soleil EDP. 

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum is a charmingly bright floral scent that will leave you feeling confident and radiant.
Pick up a bottle online here!

Orchid Soleil is the solar side of the Black Orchid. A radiant and sensual force of nature, it captures the seductive warmth and reflective bare skin of the Tom Ford woman.
In the opening I get a lot of the tuberose, red lily and pink pepper but the magic happens when it dries down and it smells somewhat like a luxurious sun-tan lotion. It’s creamy, nutty and floral. To me this could be a “your skin but better” scent because it has a saltiness from the chestnut that mixes beautifully with the whipped cream and vanilla that makes it like a second skin and it smells absolutely gorgeous! This is not a safe blind buy!!!!!

Top Notes: Bitter orange, Pink pepper, Cypress

Middle Notes: Red spider lily, Tuberose

Base Notes: Vanilla, Chestnut cream, Patchouli, Orchid

Violet Blonde

Violet Blonde by Tom Ford for Women

Violet Blonde by Tom Ford for Women

Violet Blonde perfume has a strong note of wood spray and lighter tones that carry floral fragrances and powdery undertones. When you smell it up close, you’ll notice that it has a softer side that combines notes of musk with a touch of cedarwood and leafy greens to create a calming, relaxing scent.

When it comes to Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde perfume, you can detect hints of citrus and green within the scent. The mixture of floral and white flowers is undeniably feminine.

Violet Blonde boasts a lovely scent that women are sure to love - it will instantly boost your confidence.

Its delicate but strong. It smells so sophisticated, but down to earth. Like- real class, real elegance, nothing brassy. She is who you want to be. Mature but almost ageless. Unique, yet you sort of feel like you've smelled it before. Notes: Lovely violet, similar to Balenciaga Paris, but rounder and more powdery with the iris. A bit sweet, amazing benzoin and suede to round it out and make it so cozy. A little jasmine but it (thankfully!) subtle, because jasmine overwhelms EVERYTHING to my nose.

Top Notes: Mandarin orange, Pink pepper, Violet leaf

Middle Notes: Iris, Jasmine, Orris

Base Notes: Musk, Suede, Cedar, Vetiver, Benzoin

Jasmin Rouge EDP

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge EDP

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge EDP

Tom Ford continues to push the envelope with his incredible line of perfumes for women. One of the most talked-about perfumes of 2011 is Jasmine Rouge

This perfume has good longevity, so it can be put on in the morning and won’t wear off by the evening drive.

This perfume’s scent is a rich blend of leather, vanilla, amber, and jasmine. The finish of this perfume is warm and creamy with a moderate sillage and lasts the entire day. Tom Ford’s Jasmine Rouge perfume is for you.

Love at first sight for this one. Right off after I sprayed it on my wrist, I had a deep, sweet jasmine lightened with subtle hints of citrus. Cardamom (my favourite spice) gives a refined twist to the blend. This eau de toilette will make you feel sexy and confident. This will be my date night perfume for this summer !

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black pepper, White pepper

Middle Note: Broom flower, Jasmine sambac, Neroli, Ylang ylang, Clary Sage

Base Notes: Mexican vanilla, Leather, Woody notes, Amber, Labdanum

Private Blend Atelier D'Orient Shanghai Lily EDP

Tom Ford Shanghai Lily Eau De Parfum

Inspired by the exotic, sultry city of Shanghai, Shanghai Lily EDP takes you on a journey through the historic silk road with notes of warm spices, elegant florals, and rich vanilla juxtaposed against frankincense for an ultimately intoxicating blend.

The new Shanghai Lily Eau de Parfum is a multi-dimensional scent, a spicy fragrance with addictive notes of vanilla and frankincense with elegant florals like water lily caressing skin like silk piled onto the skin like petals.

I finally received my decant of this! An absolute masterpiece! This is old Tom Ford which I love! It smells quite old school in terms of his work, and to me it reminds me of Noir de Noir a tad! Very sexy and I can’t wait to wear this one soon!

Key Notes: Bitter orande, Clove, Pepper, Jasmine, Rose, Vetiver, Guaiacwood, Amber, Benzoin, Castoreum, Frankincense, Vanilla

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Unisex EDP

Lost cherry, one of best Tom Ford perfumes

Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Tom Ford Perfume Lost Cherry is a full-bodied cocktail of teasing and tempting. Wrapped in a playful, candy-like glimmer beckoning you towards a touch, but as soon as you do, it disappears and melts into a richer body of luscious fresh strawberry nectar on the inside.

Lost Cherry is contained in a deep, luscious cherry-red bottle. It has the sweet scent of red wine and fruit mixed together with a hint of dark mystery. The bottle is decorated with a light pink label that makes it look elegant and beautiful like a cherry blossom tree.

Opens like a shirley temple with extra grenadine and a warm almond cookie on the side, and then dries down to having more depth and spice. I was hesitant going into it with how mixed the reviews can be, but I found it to be a good combination of memorable, enjoyable, and unique. I also think it's easily unisex (although more of the ratings on here indicate that it leans feminine).

Key Notes: sour cherry, almond and liquor,rose and jasmine sambac, tonka bean, vanilla, peru balsam, cedar, cloves, vetiver and patchouli.

Tom Ford Rose Prick EDP

Tom Ford Rose Prick

Tom Ford Rose Prick

tom ford perfume Rose Prick, a bouquet of roses is wild but has a certain sharpness that's perfectly prim and polished. Sharp floral notes feel so fresh and vibrant when they're uplifted by spicy tones incuding Sichuan pepper, turmeric, and cardamom. The heart features Bulgarian and Turkish rose de mai, rounded out with soft notes such as tonka bean and earthy patchouli for a comforting end note.

One spritz, and ouch! The spice almost burns my tender skin as I smell my wrists. It is like a rose was drizzled with turmeric and pepper, burned on the stove, cooled back down, added fresh petals, and sautéed in tonka beans. I love how peculiar this is! I wore it out and kept getting commented on my scent trail!

Top Notes: May rose, Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose.
Middle Note: Sichuan pepper, Tumeric.
Base Notes: Indonesian Patchouli, Tonka bean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Santal Blush smell like?

Santal Blush is a beguiling, enigmatic, desirable, and enchanting woody-spicy scent. Captivating notes of sandalwood and spices rule it.

Is Black Orchid for ladies?

Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume for women. It is a luxurious, sensual fragrance of rich, dark accords and an alluring potion of black orchids and rich spices.

What do black orchids symbolize?

The black orchid signifies great power. People who choose this flower are usually very strong willed and know what they want. The black orchid also stands for mystery, beauty, luxury and love.

Is Black Orchid for men?

The unique and bold fragrance of the perfume received attention because it’s a unisex perfume, a bold and daring scent.

Closing Thoughts Tom Ford Perfumes For Women

You really cannot go wrong with a perfume from Tom Ford! There is a scent to suit every taste. I hope that you have been able to choose a scent that suits you and your personality.

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