Published On:

October 24, 2022

Updated On:

November 11, 2022

ZARA Woman - Red Vanilla EDT

11 Best Zara Perfume & Aromas For Women In 2022

There's no denying that the Best Zara Perfume smell like heaven.

Now, you can own your favorite scents like Zara Red Vanilla.

This is not the first time Zara is launching a fragrance collection, but this time you need to be the first to own a bottle.


Best Zara Perfume For Her 2022

1. Best Loved By Men: Red Vanilla EDT


Woman - Red Vanilla EDT

Red Vanilla is light and smells like pralines and vanilla, perfect for a young woman. It is considered the best-smelling Zara perfume. 

Dominant notes include blackcurrant, vanilla, patchouli, praline, pear, iris, cassis, and tonka bean

This iconic perfume is a bit more straightforward to wear, and its price makes it highly attractive. Zara perfumes for women are known for lasting all day and being unpretentious.

It has an air of sophistication. If you’re looking for a delicate aroma that is appropriate to wear during the daytime, this is it.

  • Notes - Top: Pear, Blackcurrant 
  • Middle: Iris, Vanilla notes 
  • Base: Praline, Patchouli, Tonka bean

2. Best Long-Lasting: Red Temptation EDP

zara red temptation

ZARA Red Temptation is full of sensuality. This perfume is floral and fruity, with green scents that ignite passion. Primrose, jasmine, and white flowers intermingle with a punchy and modern accord of poudré, oakmoss, and amber. A signature aroma from the best Zara fragrances launched in 2020!

3. Best For Sillage: Rose Gourmand Women

Rose Gourmand Women

Rose Gourmand is spicy and full of gourmand notes to enhance the rose freshness. An empowering feminine Eau de parfum. 

Long-lasting and strong sillage are characteristics of this EDP. A simple and beautiful fragrance launched in 2020.

4. best zara perfume for summer: Tuberose EDT

Best Zara Perfume for her - TUBEROSE EDT

Best Zara Perfume for her - TUBEROSE EDT

Zara Tuberose perfume doesn't have tuberose in it, so if you're looking for tuberose, you won't find it here. The main notes are sandalwood, musk, chassis, pomelo, and lemon.

If you are wondering what it smells like? Tuberose EDT combines fruity, floral notes and aromatic, sweet scents to create an airy, feminine bouquet. It's an overpowering scent; it is uplifting, and joyous.

ZARA Notes - Top: Blackcurrant, Grapefruit, Lemon, Tangerine. Middle: Apple, Cedarwood, Gardenia. Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

Fields at Nightfall is an Amber Vanilla fragrance for women. It was introduced in 2018, and the top note is praline. The middle note is sandalwood. The base consists of tonka beans. This fragrance is feminine, comfortable, and elegant.

When I first sprayed it on, I immediately thought that it had a strong balsamic quality with hints of fresh tobacco and vanilla. The zesty top notes are surprisingly light, while the middle notes are more rich and complex.

  • Top Note: Praline
  • Middle Note: Sandalwood
  • Base Note: Tonka Bean

6. Best Floral: Wonder Rose EDT



Zara Wonder Rose EDT is one of the most distinct and feminine Zara perfumes for women you will ever experience.

A perfect choice for wearing every day, this Zara EDT also provides a perfect blend of zesty and fruity scents in a light and fresh fragrance that will last all day. One of this Zara fragrance's best features is that it's not overpowering. It is ideal for wearing during the spring season.

Top-Notes: Pear, Red berries. Middle: Rose, Violet. Base: Cedarwood, Musk.

7. Best Feminine Fragrance: Orchid EDP



Zara Orchid is the perfect feminine aroma, with notes of bergamot, orchid, and rose.

Zara Orchid has a delicate aroma, which makes it a good choice for people who don't want anything overpowering.

Zara Orchid is perfect for the summer months and spring. The scent is pleasant and inoffensive, with moderate sillage.

Some of the things to enjoy about the Orchid fragrance are that it stays on for about six hours or so, and the price is great too.

"I wish I had found this website sooner. Receiving this perfume in the mail only to learn it smells exactly like Bombshell was a major disappointment.

Too sweet and juvenile for my liking. However, if you like VS Bombshell this is definitely the more inexpensive dupe for you".

ZARA Notes-Top: Bergamot, Middle: Rose, Redcurrant, Peach, Base: Cedarwood

8. Best For Daily Wear: Zara Femme EDP

New FEMME, one of best Zara perfumes


Zara Femme Eau de Parfum has a very light and feminine scent, with crisp, sweet notes and fruity scents, which are perfect for young women. The Femme perfume is perfect for day wear as it will make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Zara Femme perfect perfume has a soft and simple aroma, perfect for an office environment. It is an affordable fruity fragrant and would be great to wear any time of year.

A consumer opinion: "To my nose, this opens with peony and sandalwood and a kick of spice, and as a sandalwood/vanilla amateur, I love it. It's intense. This gives me Black Opium/La Vie Est Belle vibes for some reason; it's more similar to the latter, though.

I wouldn't really say it's similar to Hypnotic Poison. I don't recommend over spraying, and I don't see myself wearing more than two spritz's of this since it's strong and projects very well. It's a fancy scent, one to wear when going out. I wouldn't waste it wearing it inside the house. I can see this fitting also during summer nights. deliciously sweet!"

  • Notes-Top: Mandarin, Lemon, Pomelo, Green apple
  • Middle: Iris, Peony, Peach
  • Base: Cedar, Amber, Musk

9. Best Zara Perfume For 2021: Gardenia EDP


Zara GARDENIA Eau de Parfum

Zara Gardenia Eau De Parfum is a floral perfume that is ideal for everyday use. This fragrance is very appealing, and it's not too overbearing. Zara Gardenia perfume is a mixture of raspberry and lemon, along with the gardenia notes, jasmine, and white flowers.

It is a modern intense sweet and floral fragrance and could be considered one of the brighter in the perfume collection of Zara on the market today.

It lasts up to four hours and can be used during the morning and afternoon. Gardenia is perfect for spring use - it is a good option for Zara perfumes if you want to get noticed by people.

10. Best Amber Floral Fragrance: Femme Summer

Femme Summer

Zara Femme Summer

Femme Summer by Zara is an Amber Floral creation for women that was launched in 2019. The top note is mandarin orange, the middle note is jasmine, and the base note is Madagascar vanilla. 

Zara Femme Summer is simple, clean, and stays true to the ingredients. A slightly sweet scent, this Zara perfume smells fresh and warm. As the name suggests, it is a great summer fragrance.

  • Top-Note: Mandarin Orange
  • Middle Note: Jasmine
  • Base Note: Madagascar Vanilla

11. Best Gourmand: ZARA Addict EDT

Gourmand Addict an inexpensive dupe

Zara Gourmand Scent

Zara Gourmand Addict EDT is a fairly basic and strong patchouli perfume. 

This gorgeous scent provides a heavy and sweet aroma; it may be hard to distinguish at first because it tends to overpower others. The composition of Gourmand Addicts is unique, but the scent mixes well with other gourmand perfumes.

A consumer opinion: "My favorite perfume to date, and I have much more popular fragrances like La Vie Est Belle and Angel Iced Star.

This fragrance is so sexy, very heady, very creamy and warm, intoxicating in the same way that Olympea, Rihanna's Rebel Fleur or Black Opium is without smelling like any of those. I personally think it's very sophisticated and sensual because it's so strong, musky, and peachy sweet at the same time.

It's the perfect balance of peach and patchouli. Lasts hours on the skin and is very strong. My boyfriend goes crazy for it and doesn't stop smelling me when I have it on. Such a bargain for the lasting power and scent!!"

FAQ About Zara

Is Zara fragrance any good?

Zara's fragrances are not just good; they're seriously great! Many of their scents resemble popular perfumes at a fraction of the cost.

Is Zara long lasting?

Zara perfumes typically last for a maximum of four hours. Some last a little longer than others, but do not expect your perfume to last through more than the entire day. Zara offers minis, and you can also purchase larger sizes if you know that you'll need more sprays of the product throughout the day.

Do Zara scents last?

Yes, Zara fragrances are indeed quite long-lasting - especially the Eau De Parfums. If you want to get the most out of your perfume, read our article 17 Tips How To Make Perfume Last Longer.

What does Wonder Rose smell like?

Wonder Rose opens with sweet fruity notes. Its opening is sharp and tangy with the aromas of peaches and raspberries, a fruity perfume. Soon, it becomes creamy with powdery notes, but at the same time, there remains an elusive elegance about the fragrance. Wonder Rose is rich in rose extract combined with rose powder to create an elegant and easygoing rose odor. Perfect for wearing during cooler months of spring or fall, making Wonder Rose the ideal all-year-round aroma! It could easily become your signature perfume, so what are you waiting for? After all... everyone loves wonder roses!

What does Damascene Rose smell like?

Damascene Rose opens with a vibrant herbal spiciness followed by sweet fruits. The pink pepper also makes an appearance, adding floral and spicy notes throughout your fragrance adventure. You'll smell wonderfully herbal, spicy, fruity notes, but still a powdery scent. This fragrance can be worn for many different occasions at any time of the day, staying with you for up to nine hours! This makes it great either as a gift or something special for yourself!

Damascene Rose,one of the top fragrances

Zara Damascene Rose

How many perfumes does Zara have?

Zara has hundreds of perfumes literally to choose from! They cater to men as well - all together, among Best Zara Perfumes, there are over 600 fragrances. We are sure you will find an affordable Zara perfume to be your signature scent in their collection.

Are Zara scents copies?

Zara has a fantastic collection of its own perfumes, but some are considered to be dupes for more popular designer fragrances. These smell-alike fragrances come at a fraction of the price and will have you feeling like you're wearing one of those $200+ scents from Dior, Chanel, or Viktor & Rolf without dropping nearly that much cash!

ZARA - Top Notes

The best Zara perfumes are an amazing collection to choose from. There's something for every mood and occasion: a woody fragrance, a floral fragrance, or with just the right amount of spice. Zara fragrances come at an amazing price! So you could add more than one perfume to your rotation collection.

Wear a great Zara perfume every day as your signature fragrance - they are just perfect for the office!

You may also enjoy one of the floral fruity fragrances of Juicy Couture perfumes; they are playful, fun, and smell just fabulous!