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June 20, 2022

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February 15, 2024

Best Hugo Boss perfume - Essence De Femme

Hugo Boss Best Women Perfume For 2022

You have a busy lifestyle and need to look and feel your best wherever you go. The brand has got the perfect perfume for any occasion, whether it's a girls night out or date night! Our top 10 list of Boss perfumes for women that will make sure you smell fabulous anywhere you are going. From floral scents to sexy musk, our women's fragrances are appropriate no matter what situation arises - even if it's an office day at work.

Check out our picks below.

Best Hugo Boss Women Perfume

1. Boss Femme Eau de Parfum

Best Hugo Boss perfume - Boss Femme Perfume

Boss Femme Perfume

Romantic, cheerful, and very feminine, Boss Femme is a floral fruity fragrance for women. 

Femme is a flowery, youthful, and charming fragrance. The fruity opening settles down into a comforting soft bouquet, dominated by freesia, a little rose, and lily. The freesia and rose notes here are beautiful. The lemon tree note in the base is a lovely way to conclude this scent because it literally smells like a fruit orchard. The dry-down has a very clean and soapy quality to it.

Femme is a light daytime fragrance for spring and summer. The longevity is moderate at about 5 hours, and the sillage is more on the intimate side. This easy-to-wear scent will be exactly what what you need for work or school. 

Top Notes: Tangerine, Blackcurrant, Freesia

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Fleur de Lys, Bulgarian rose

Base Notes: Apricot, Lemonwood, Amber

Hugo Boss Femme perfume

2. Hugo Deep Red Eau de Parfum

Best Hugo Boss perfume -Hugo Deep Red Perfume

Hugo Deep Red Perfume

Deep Red by Hugo Boss is an amber vanilla fragrance. It starts off really fresh and light - not warm or spicy at all. There is an initial green touch to the scent. Once the freshness fades, the fruitiness starts to come in; I definitely smell citrus notes and also the ginger. The vanilla appears quickly after. The longer you wear Deep Red, the warmer it smells - a beautiful sandalwood and musk aroma. The citruses at the top keep it fresh and playful, while the musky dry-down gives it a smooth coziness that lingers and leaves you wanting more.

This perfume is a lovely warm, feminine, and seductive perfume for fall and winter nights. It is very long-lasting, and the sillage is strong. This is definitely a fragrance that gets better the longer you wear it.


Top: Blood orange, Black currant, Clementine, Pear, Mandarin orange
Ginger, Ginger flower, Tuberose, Freesia, Hibiscus seed
Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk, California Cedar

Hugo Boss Deep Red perfume

3. Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

Best Hugo Boss perfume -Boss Ma Vie Perfume

Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Perfume

Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme is a Floral fragrance for women. Cactus blossom in the opening is quite an unusual note, but it is cushioned and tamed by the pink freesia. This makes for a volatile floral and slightly bitter green mix - bright and sparkling. Within an hour, a soft floral blend with detectable rose and woods take over. The powdery dry-down is a mix of soft cedar, jasmine, and diluted cactus flower notes.

Ma Vie is a fresh, feminine spring fragrance for the daytime. It is full of positive energy, clean, and sunny. The longevity is moderate, and the sillage is mild to intimate. Light but sophisticated, Ma Vie is appropriate for everyday wear and for the office.


Top: Cactus blossom
Heart: Pink freesia, Jasmine, Rosebud
Base: Woods, Cedarwood

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme perfume

4. Boss Nuit Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

Best Hugo Boss perfume -Boss Nuit Perfume

Boss Nuit Perfume

Boss Nuit Pour Pour Femme is a floral perfume. It opens with ripe but clean peach and an airy creaminess. The violet brings a powdery feel to the white flowers - gardenia, the softest freesia, and some jasmine. The dry-down is soft and creamy sandalwood and an aromatic moss note.

Wear Boss Nuit Pour Femme all year round - it is perfect for mild weather. Despite its name, this scent is more suitable for daytime wear. It is not a very strong perfume, lasting about 4 hours before it becomes an intimate skin scent. 

With its sweet, woody and floral heart, this very feminine scent has a dreamy and airy character. Overall, it is subtle and elegant and good for the office or on occasions when you don't want an overpowering perfume.  


Top: Aldehydes, Peach

Heart: White flowers, Jasmine, Violet

Base: Crystalline moss, Sandalwood

Boss Nuit Pour Femme

5. Boss Orange Eau de Toilette

Best Hugo Boss perfume -Boss Orange Perfume

Boss Orange Eau de Toilette

Boss Orange Eau de Toilette is a lovely floral fragrance for women. This is a creamy and powdery ripe red apple scent. The apple opening quickly softens into a lovely creamy vanilla, orange flower, and sandalwood fragrance that is truly beautiful. The strong vanilla dry-down is not overly sweet.

The end result is a peaceful, soft scent, a little soapy, and an all-embracing skin scent that you can wear anywhere. The vanilla, white flowers and apple work well together; it makes for a very easy-to-wear fragrance.

Boss Orange is a daytime fragrance best for spring and summer. It is not very long-lasting, and the sillage is more on the intimate side. This Eau de Toilette is nevertheless worth considering - Orange is a warm, tender and feminine, and very joyful fragrance.


Top: Red apple
African orange flower, White flowers
 Vanilla, Sandalwood, Olive tree

Hugo Boss Orange perfume

6. Boss The Scent Private Accord Eau de Parfum

Best Hugo Boss perfume -Boss The Scent Private Accord Perfume

Boss The Scent Private Accord Perfume

Boss The Scent Private Accord for Her is an amber vanilla fragrance. The first spray smells like semi-sweet dark roasted cocoa and oranges. Osmanthus works beautifully with the gourmand notes here. As it starts to dry down, the scent turns more into a milk chocolate. It smells sweet, feminine, and slightly fresh. 

The Scent Eau de Parfum is gentle, easy, and comforting yet not too heavy. It is great for cold weather in fall and winter. Wear it during the day or at night for special occasions. 

This perfume is fairly long-lasting, with more of an intimate sillage.


Top: Mandarin orange
Hear: Osmanthus, Coffee
Base: Roasted tonka bean, roasted Cocoa

Hugo Boss The Scent for her

7. Pure Purple Eau de Parfum

Pure Purple Perfume

Pure Purple Perfume

Pure Purple is a Floral Fruity fragrance. This scent opens with fruity notes and sweet florals. The black violet accord comes through quite strongly, followed by creamy, sweet almonds (the marzipan). Then the amber surfaces with a nice little leather note in the background. Pure Purple is very sweet fragrance but not at all cloying - it has a light, fresh quality. 

Pure Purple is a lovely light daytime scent that you can wear all year round. The longevity is moderate, and the sillage is quite intimate. This is perfect for an office environment when you want to wear something inoffensive, pretty, and slightly sweet.


Top: White cyclamen, Nectarine
Heart: Black Violet, Floral Notes
Base: Amber, White Suede, Sweet Marzipan

Hugo Boss Pure Purple perfume

8. Hugo XX Eau de Toilette

Hugo Xx Perfume

Hugo XX Perfume

Hugo XX is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. The opening has strong black currant, rose, litchi, and some Basmati rice – a slightly powdery, soft, and fresh floral. It quickly changes to a musky soft rose with a heavy dose of litchi. Then the litchi makes space for jasmine on a soft amber base. The powdery floral notes of rose and rice remain quite present even later.

This bitter floral, musk, and sweet fruit mix stays and develops for a good four hours with moderate sillage and some two more hours as a delicate skin scent.

Hugo Xx is a soft, feminine, and warm scent; you can wear it all year round in mild weather. It is perfect for the office. 


Top: Mandarin orange, Blackcurrant, Litchi
Heart: Basmati rice, Jasmine sambac, Chloris rose
Base: Sandalwood, Ambery notes, Musky notes

Hugo Boss XX perfume

9. Boss Woman Eau de Parfum

Boss Perfume


Woman is a well-balanced fruity floral fragrance. The opening reveals a delicate fruity mango. Then a slightly sweet fragrance and fresh freesia emerge, giving the scent a very clean character. The dry-down is more woodsy. No note dominates this scent - it is a quiet and calm perfume.

Woman is a beautiful spring and summer fragrance for the daytime. This is quite a long-lasting perfume (over 6 hours), and the sillage is rather intimate. 

One of the modern and elegant Perfumes, is perfect for the office and any formal gathering.


Top: Mango, Mandarin orange
Heart: Freesia, Violet root
Base: White cedar extract, Sandalwood

Hugo Boss Woman perfume

10. Boss Essence De Femme Eau de Parfum

Boss Essence De Femme Perfume

Boss Essence De Femme Perfume 

Essence de Femme is a romantic floral fruity fragrance, a little stronger than Boss Femme. Citrus comes through prominently in the fruity and sweet opening. The heart of the perfume is a beautiful floral bouquet with jasmine leading the way. The powdery dry-down is quite woody but still airy and light. 

Essence de Femme has a stimulating, calming, and soothing effect on one. It can be worn all year round during the daytime. The longevity is moderate to long-lasting at around 6 hours, and the sillage is quite strong.

This is a beautiful light, soft, feminine scent of Hugo Boss Perfumes - a good choice for the office.


Top: Freesia, Black currant, Mandarin orange
Middle Notes: Lily, Jasmine
Base: Apricot, Amber

Hugo Boss Essence De Femme perfume bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hugo Boss Woman smell like?

The Original one is a seductive blend of strength, confidence, and beauty. Its notes include scents such as mango and citrus fruits mixed with freesia, violet root, and woody notes to create an unforgettable fragrance that is well balanced and not too overpowering.

Which perfume lasts the longest?

Longevity all depends on the perfume ingredients and in particular, the base notes. Oak moss and Vetiver are base notes that evaporate slowly compared to other women's fragrances. Even many hours after the heart or top notes fades, you will still be able to smell them since they keep your entire perfume blend together.

How long do Hugo Boss perfumes last?

Some of the women's fragrances are not very long-lasting - a little bit more than 4 hours - but others, like Essence de Femme, The Scent Private Accord, Deep Red, and Boss Woman, last for around 6 hours.

What is the price of Hugo Boss perfumes?

The perfumes are very reasonably priced - it all depends on the perfume concentration and ingredients. The ones we have featured here cost between $30 and $110.

What are some popular Hugo Boss perfumes for men?

There are many to choose from.... Hugo Man is graceful and refreshingly optimistic; Bottled Infinite for today's man is meant to inspire him to pursue his passions. The Scent is a real statement cologne that evokes sensuality and passion. We have exactly what you need to read 13 Of The Best Hugo Boss Colognes For Men article.

In Conclusion

Founded in 1924, Hugo Boss is a well-known German luxury fashion house with many perfumes on offer in its fragrance line. Choose one of the beautiful perfumes for women presented here as a great signature scent that you can wear every day. These delicate feminine perfumes with light floral notes are excellent value for money, and they have a great smell and you will absolutely love it!

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