Published On:

January 14, 2024

Updated On:

February 16, 2024

Woman spraying perfume

Choosing The Right Perfume For The Season

Did you know that your own natural scent changes with the seasons? The perfume you love to wear every day will therefore also smell slightly differently throughout the year. As a result it is recommended switching your perfume as the weather changes. This is particularly important if you live in a region where seasonal changes are more marked.

Some perfume notes are also better suited to particular seasons. Changing your perfume with the seasons is a good idea. It really helps to perfectly capture the ambiance of each season and ensures you always smell your best. In this article you will discover everything you need to know about changing your perfume with the seasons.

Did you know that your body chemistry also influences the way perfume smells on you? Perfume reacts to skin type, to what you eat, what hormonal changes your body is going through, and to medication, to mention a few factors.

Why Change Your Perfume?

As mentioned, the temperature changes which occur throughout the year have an impact on your own scent. So, for example, you will smell differently in summer than you do in winter. This means your perfume will develop a different scent as it mixes with your natural scent.

Temperature changes the way in which perfume is experienced. Hot weather, for example, intensifies the fragrance notes, while cold weather makes it more difficult for them to evaporate.

Another reason to change your perfume with the seasons is because certain scents go much better with certain seasons. Winter is all about a heavy, woody and spicy scent, whereas summer is lighter and more floral. A heavier scent would prove to be a little too overpowering in the summer, so switching to a lighter perfume is a much better idea.

Which Scent Suits Which Season?

So, when it comes to choosing a new scent for the seasons, what should you typically aim for?

spring season bird


Fragrance family: green notes

Spring is all about freshness, innocence, happiness, and flowers. It is a time when temperatures rise and your mood lightens. Enhance this feeling with the right fragrance for spring! Go for a lighter fragrance concentration like an eau de toilette at this time. The perfume notes that go best with spring are crisp, light, and fresh – like mint, basil, and orange blossom. Light floral notes such as lilies and peonies are also ideal.

summer season beach scene


Fragrance family: floral notes

Summer is the season of ripe fruits, vacations, and hot weather. It is a time we all think about the sea and long hot summer nights. Choose fresher and cooler fragrances to get the best contrast with the hot weather. Summer perfumes should also be applied lightly as their scent is much stronger due to the high temperatures. It is better to use a lighter fragrance concentration like eau de toilette during this time. Perfect summer notes are bergamot, rose, jasmine, mimosa, and orange blossoms.  

fall season trees


Fragrance family: woody notes

With fall come the cooler temperatures and we finally have some time to take a rest from all the summer’s activities. It brings with it the tranquility we need to prepare for the colder weather and the holidays ahead. Just like fall is the season that’s best for a walk in the park where you can enjoy the falling leaves, it is wood notes that make the best fragrance companion for both men and women in this season. The notes that go best with our fall mood are warm and musky, like patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, amber, oakmoss and ylang-ylang.

winter season landscape


Fragrance family: oriental

Winter is perfumes’ most favorite season because the cold temperatures give all those delicate and sophisticated notes the necessary time they need in order to fully express themselves. The lack of colors and activities, on the other hand, let fragrances get the place they deserve as your nose is not distracted by the outside smells and can concentrate on the fabulous exotic oriental scents that are both strong and warm. This is the time to wear eau de parfum rather than a lighter perfume concentration. The best winter perfume notes are vanilla, cinnamon, incense, amber, and spices. Don't forget soon you may have to choose a perfume as a gift.

In Conclusion

If you want to impress those around you, you should carefully choose your scents according to the season you are wearing them in. Just like you won’t look your best if you wear your summer clothes in winter, for example, wearing a perfume that’s more appropriate for a hot summer’s day at Christmas time will most probably be considered bad taste by those around you. If you have a separate personal favorite perfume for each season, you’ll show both class and a sense of detail that will definitely not go unnoticed.