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December 16, 2020

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February 15, 2024


What Perfumes do Celebrities Wear? 

There are so many influential people around the world - actors, singers, dancers, sportsmen and so much more, did you ever asked yourself what perfumes these celebrities wear? Each and every one of these individuals is a role model and a trend setter to many people. No matter if you are the type of person who tries to follow in the footsteps of celebrities or not, this article will most definitely intrigue you in one way or another! Take some time out of your day and have a peak below. The large variety of fragrances around the world does tend to confuse everyone from time to time. However, this article should make your choice that much easier.

These celebrities all have their own unique fashion and fragrance styles. Their selection will make an impact on each and every one of their followers. Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity’s first choice of fragrance is? If you have, this is the ideal article for you! Below you will find 19 of the most famous celebrities. You will also get to know which fragrance each one of them prefers. So if you aim to follow in the footsteps of people like Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne or even Anne Hathaway, find out more about them below!

1. Celine Dion's choice is Chanel No 5

Chanel No 5

First of all, we have the Chanel No 5 fragrance. This perfume consists of a variety of floral scents which were all expertly infused into one bottle - it is described as simply unforgettable. The celebrity that has made this their personal favorite fragrance clearly has to be unique and influential. As a matter of fact, the fragrance is worn by none other than the remarkable woman, Celine Dion.

Chanel No 5 is an abstract and yet mysterious fragrance. Due to this it has perfectly captured the essence of Celine Dion’s personality. She was born in 1968 into a highly musical family. Since the age of 18 she has made her presence known within the music world. Over the years Celine has won a variety of music awards. This has strengthened the beliefs and followings of many of her fans, making her choices highly influential! Therefore, if you want to pick a brand new fragrance, you definitely will not go wrong with adding Chanel No 5 to your fragrance collection!

2. Kiera Knightley uses Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for Women

Next we have the Chanel Mademoiselle fragrance. This fragrance suits a free and captivating woman. It also has the ability to capture the truth behind a woman’s dual personality. Overall, this fragrance revolves around fruity notes which all tie together exceptionally well. Such a distinct fragrance most definitely has to compliment a women that has an extremely prominent personality. This is definitely one of many reasons why Kiera Knightley has decided to make this her fragrance of choice!

The name Kiera Knightley may not sound familiar to many. However, she is an extremely popular American actress. She has made a name for herself in various films. Kiera played the role of Elizabeth Swan in the series of Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This is where her road to fame began. Not only has her journey as an actress inspired many of her fans, she also managed to overcome challenges as a result of her dyslexia. Kiera is inspirational and copying her fragrance choice definitely seems like a very wise decision.

3. Anne Hathaway wears Chance by Chanel

Chance by Chanel

In addition to the above, the Chance fragrance by Coco Chanel also has to be mentioned. This fragrance was released not so long ago, and since then it has been able to capture the hearts of many. Various celebrities have also decided to add this scent to their personal fragrance collection. This is mainly due to the individuality that is associated with this particular scent. One of the main celebrities that has emphasized their love for this fragrance is Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway has made her presence known in the acting world since her young teenage years. She is now in her 30’s and has no plan to stop acting any time soon. Her strong devotion ties in with the Chance by Chanel floral scent really well. This fragrance makes a powerful impact. Anne Hathaway has played the role of so many characters in movies. Once the cameras turn off, she is able to be who she truly is. The Chance fragrance helps her complete her look. It also manages to place emphasis on who she truly is behind the scenes!

4. Miley Cyrus' choice: Acqui di Parma Rosa Nobile Eau de Parfum

Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile

Next we have the Acqui Di Parma fragrance. This particular fragrance largely revolves around capturing the essence of the rose. This fragrance is able to tie together subtleness as well as power. This was a rather exceptional task to achieve. Every single fragrance that a woman wears is said to reflect a major part of their personality. Surprisingly the celebrity that makes use of this particular fragrance is in fact Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus is a singer, song writer and actress. She has made multiple impacts within all of these industries. As is commonly known, she is the daughter of the well known country singer named Billy Ray Cyrus. Miley began her career as a childhood actress in the series of Hannah Montana. Here she was able to integrate her acting and singing ability too. Since then she has transformed into her own character that challenges the norms. If you are in search of a new fragrance, follow Miley’s bold choice and try Acqui Di Parma for yourself!

5. Avril Lavigne and Tresor Midnight Rose

Tresor Midnight Rose

Moving on to Tresor Midnight Rose. This is another one of the various rose fragrances that has taken the market by storm. Midnight Rose aims to capture the true essence of the rose. It also has a large element of mystery associated with it. So many different celebrities from different professions have noticed this unique fragrance. Due to its uniqueness they have decided to add it to their range of fragrances to make use of on a daily basis.

Avril Lavigne is one of these many celebrities. This fragrance in able to leave a sensual and more than unforgettable trail behind her. Midnight Rose manages to blend floral and fruity scents perfectly together without error. Avril Lavigne is one of many strong characters within the music world. She releases music that falls within the punk rock genre and this fragrance reflects who she is. The use of this fragrance is therefore able to show a softer side to her everyday appearance.

6. Emma Watson prefers Parfums Chloe Eau de Parfum

Parfums Chloe Eau de Parfum

In continuation to the above, let's now discuss the Parfums Chloe Eau de Parfum. As can be deduced from the name, this fragrance is rather luxurious. This scent is able to accentuate the uniqueness of every individual no matter their personality type. Parfums Chloe Eau de Parfum was crafted using 21 different elements. This has allowed it to gain large popularity from many celebrities including Emma Watson. This fragrance is said to be one of her very favorite scents and this is not going to change any time soon!

Emma Watson is a French-American actress that rose to fame from a very young age. One of the major roles to date was when she was cast within the Harry Potter film series as a child. Since then, she has truly remained true to who she is. She has continued her journey deeper into the world of film making and aims to continue doing so. This floral fragrance largely compliments the tender personality side of Emma Watson. It will certainly do the same for you!

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7. Jade Jagger wears Le Labo 'Rose 31' Eau De Parfum

Le Labo 'Rose 31' Eau De Parfum

We will now be discussing the fragrance that Jade Jagger considers to be one of her favorites. However, before we get right into that we need to clear something up. Jade Jagger is in fact the daughter of the lead singer of the Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger). With this being said, it can be clearly understood that she was born into the life of fame. To the surprise of many, Jade Jagger did not take a musical career route. Instead she became a jewelry designer and former model.

Since a very young age, Jade has been in the public eye. This therefore means that she has a rather influential title as a celebrity. Jade has also made it very clear that she favors Le Labo scents, especially Rose 31. Rose 31 is a distinct fragrance that is bottled rather simplistically but makes a major impact overall. She further stated that she has been using this fragrance since Le Labo opened one of their stores in a nearby town to her home. Perhaps Rose 31 could become your signature fragrance too!

8. Priscilla Presley uses Allure by Chanel Eau De Parfum

Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum

Reference will now be made to Allure by Coco Chanel. This fragrance has a high level of sophistication and distinctness associated to it. The perfumers behind this fragrance were able to blend floral and fruity scents. This led to a highly complex overall composition. Business women and actress, Priscilla Presley greatly appreciates this complexity. It has therefore become one of her favorite perfumes of all time.

Priscilla Presley, the previous wife of Elvis Presley, gained popularity over the years. Especially after she served as the chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises. She also managed to convert Elvis Presley’s mansion Graceland into a top tourist attraction. It is now one of the top tourist attractions in the United States of America. Such a powerful woman with such a vast reputation is more than influential. If you are in search of a powerful fragrance to display who you are, Chanel Allure is the clear overall choice.

9. Nicole Kidman’s choice: Tea Rose by Perfumer’s Workshop

Tea Rose by Perfumer’s Workshop for Women

Now we have Nicole Kidman. She is an Australian-American actress, singer and producer. She is known to be ranked among the highest paid actresses in the world. Kidman has starred in a variety of movies in different genres throughout her career. She has been described as an influential leader in the world of acting. Therefore, she has heaps of adorning fans in various regions following her every move. In addition to her unique fashion style, she has stated that one of her favorite fragrances is Tea Rose by Perfumer’s Workshop for Women.

If you aim to follow in Nicole Kidman’s fragrance trends, this is a must have purchase. Tea Rose by Perfumer’s Workshop for Women is a very sensual fragrance that captures the overall subtle scent of the rose. This lovely scent is described as well balanced and statement filled. If this actress is your role model or if perhaps you would want to step into her shoes for a moment, make your purchase today!

10. Amanda Seyfried: Givenchy Very Irresistible Eau De Parfum

Givenchy Very Irresistible Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Next there is Amanda Seyfried. She is a well known American actress, singer and model that has been in these industries for several years. She has stated that Very Irresistible By Givenchy is one of her all time favorite fragrances. Even though she is the face of the fragrance, this is one of her favorites. She has also stated that this is the ideal fragrance that suits her everyday life. Amanda prefers sweet scents and especially this very fragrance.

This overall youthful and fruity fragrance is stated to capture who she is. Amanda has made a well established name for herself. She has acted in musicals such as Mamma Mia as well as vulgar comedies such as Ted 2. Her large range of endeavors has made her a true face to be recognized. Should you want to see what is so special about one of her favorite fragrances, get your very own bottle today and find out for yourself!

11. Rihanna loves Kilian Love, dont be shy Eau de Parfum

Kilian Love, dont be shy Eau de Parfum

Let's now discuss one of Rihanna’s favourite fragrances. Rihanna is a very powerful singer who is a well known name within the music world. Several fans around the world tend to follow her fashion and fragrance trends to try to be as much like the influential singer as possible. Surprisingly, Rihanna stated that one of her favorite fragrances to wear is Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian.

Kilian is a fragrance house that tends towards releasing fragrances with enticing names. This one as mentioned above fits that exact profile. The Love, Don’t Be Shy fragrance by Kilian is a sweet blend of neroli and marshmallow. It will be sure to make a more than memorable impact. If a world renowned singer songwriter that has collaborated with various artists say that this is one of the best who are you to argue? I say it is time to try it for yourself!

12. Meghan Markle prefers Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne Spray

We cannot simply forget about the members of Royal families! They also form a part of the category of celebrities. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has been in the spot light for a long time. Before becoming a part of the royal family she was an actress for quite a long time. Due to this she has become one of the biggest and most well known names around the world, and she has made her fashion and fragrance choices well known.

After reporters questioned her as to which is her everyday fragrance choice, without any hesitation she answered. Meghan stated that she wears Jo Malone London’s Wild Bluebell perfume. She also stated that it is light and fresh. The fragrance is also able to compliment her in every situation that she may find herself in. The Duchess portrays elegance at its finest, so why not try one of her favorites? Add this to your favorite collection, you most definitely won’t be disappointed.

13. Blake Lively chooses Gucci’s Premiere Eau de Parfum

Gucci’s Eau Premiere Eau de Parfum

Continuing with celebrity favorites, Blake Lively was not shy at all regarding which scent is her favorite. As a matter of fact it is none other than Gucci’s Premiere Eau de Parfum Natural Spray for Women. Blake Lively is an American actress who has stunned the world in movies as well as on the red carpet with her unique and expressive outfit choices. The perfume that she has chosen as her favorite adds to this expressiveness too!

Blake has stated that she prefers fruity and floral scents that have been expertly infused together. The Gucci Eau de Parfum was able to achieve an impeccable balance between these two notes. This has been one of the major contributing factors to why she praises the fragrance so much. It is also able to adapt to her fast pace life from the moment she is on set to the moment she returns home to her family.

14. Kylie Jenner's favorite is Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Eau De Toilette

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Eau De Toilette Spray

Moving on to one of the Kardashians. The name Kardashian has become increasingly popular. This is as a result of their constant place in the spotlight due to their influential nature on social media. Even though the Kardashian empire began with the formulation of their own beauty empire, they still make use of other fragrance brands. Kylie Jenner in particular has stated that one of her every day fragrances doesn’t come from their own brand. Her favorite is in fact the Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Eau De Toilette Spray.

Kylie Jenner has openly stated that she is very sensitive to certain fragrances. Furthermore, she stated that certain fragrances tend to give her headaches. In contrast to this, the Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Eau De Toilette Spray is very subtle. She told the press that it suits her individual needs at every moment of the day. As one can notice from the name of the fragrance, it includes a blend of floral beauty that meets the scent of coconut. Such a unique blend is certain to compliment any outfit with an extra finishing touch.

15. Chrissy Teigen's choice is Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

We now have Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy Teigen is an American model and is the wife of American singer, songwriter John Legend. She has been in the industry for over a decade. Within this time she has made her beauty regime as public as possible. Chrissy stated that one of her very favorite fragrances of all time includes Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior for woman. This is a rather aged fragrance but it is still as chic as ever.

Chrissy has also stated that she strongly likes the oriental vanilla scent that is associated with this fragrance. Chrissy tends to lead a rather busy life of being in the public eye regularly. This is therefore considered to be an on the go fragrance that will place emphasis on any outfit. It is appropriate to wear at any time of the day and it will be sure to make heads turn. Its about time to try it for yourself today and follow Chrissy Teigan’s advice!

16. Margot Robbie chooses Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Eau de Parfum

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Eau de Parfum

The next celebrity that we will speak about is Margot Robbie. First and foremost, she is an Australian actress and producer. She has clearly made a name for herself due to the large range of movies that she has starred in over the years. The large gain of popularity that she has gotten over the years has increased the curiosity of her fans. Luckily for everyone, she has made her everyday fragrance public. Margot has said that her day to day fragrance is Calvin Klein’s Deep Euphoria fragrance for woman.

This fragrance is a chypre, floral fragrance that was launched in 2016. This fragrance aims to reflect on the sophisticated and elevated modern woman. Margot Robbie lives a fast paced life and does not take breaks. The Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria fragrance clearly compliments her lifestyle extremely well. This fragrance consists of 10 elements, each of which shine through at different points throughout the day. If you want a different fragrance that stands out from the rest, add this to your collection. The Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria fragrance will complete your range!

17. Gigi Hadid’s favourite: Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau de Parfum Spray

We now have Gigi Hadid’s favourite fragrance to discuss. First of all, Gigi Hadid comes from the fashion industry in which she is a model. She has followed in the footsteps of her mother, Yolanda and has since then made a name for herself. The American supermodel was a part of the Tom Ford Velvet Orchid fragrance campaign. Soon after she admitted to use this fragrance regularly. She stated that this is her favorite evening fragrance pick of all.

This fragrance is very unique and it emphasizes overall femininity. It is a rather complex floral blend but it is bound to make heads turn. Gigi Hadid’s choice revolved largely around the comforting floral scents that are found within this fragrance. The Tom Ford Velvet Orchid fragrance has a blend of 13 different elements. They all compliment each other on various levels. The main highlight of the fragrance is the Turkish rose oil which later dies down into subtle vanilla notes.

18. Kendall Jenner's choice is Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau De Parfum

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau De Parfum

Moving on to another member of the Kardashian family, here we have Kendall Jenner, American supermodel and social media influencer. Just like her entire family, she has always been front and center of the celebrity lime light. Kendall stated that she has an extremely busy life and that she needed a fragrance that could keep up with her. After she became the face of Modern Muse Le Rouge by Estee Lauder, she had in fact found her ideal fragrance.

Kendal states that it is long lasting and is captivating and very glamorous. This fragrance emphasizes overall femininity. It consists of notes of red rose and velvet cream which relates directly to her personality and the way in which she carries herself. This oriental fragrance was blended in such a way that it is able to keep up with anyone that chooses to wear it. It is also statement filled and is able to portray a powerful message without even saying a word. If it is good enough for Kendall Jenner, why not try it for yourself?

19. Meryl Streep favors Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial Eau de Parfum

Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial Eau de Parfum

Last but definitely not least, we have Meryl Steep’s personal favorite fragrance. This sophisticated woman that is viewed as one of the best actresses in the world is rather modest. When ever she was told that she is an exceptional actress she simply overlooked it. Meryl Steep has been in the Hollywood spotlight since 1969. This therefore gives her decades of experience. Throughout most of her career she has had a clear fragrance favorite. She stated that the Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain Paris has been and still is her number one fragrance pick.

This is an oriental spicy fragrance for women that was first launched in 1925. This fragrance is exceptionally feminine and refined. These aspects of the fragrance perfectly compliments the remarkable actress, Meryl Streep. She is able to wear this no matter the occasion and it adds the finishing element to any outfit. The sensuality of this fragrance stands out among the rest. It is not a surprise that it has managed to capture the heart of Meryl Streep of all people. Get shopping today and have a look at what makes this fragrance as captivating now as ever!

You may think that purchasing fragrances that celebrities wear can be quite pricey. However, this is not the case at all times! Many of the fragrances mentioned here are more affordable than you think. This includes the Tea Rose by Perfumer’s Workshop for Women as well as the Aqui di Parma fragrance. These two are considered to be some of the most affordable fragrances on the market. This therefore means that you can add an element of luxury to your life for a fraction of the price! There are so many worthy fragrance choices around that make choosing just one so much harder. However, the above article should help you greatly.

Always keep in mind that your fragrance choice is an overall reflection of your personality and what makes you unique. If you are still rather confused, there is no need to panic. Take an extra few moments out of your day and read the article again. It will be sure to provide you with guidance and overall clarity to begin your shopping!