Tocca Florence Reivew

TOCCA Florence Review 2021

By Amy Derungs

August 30, 2021

When looking for the perfect perfume, it can be tricky to find that one scent that is truly right for you. Of course, this is a difficult process as there are so many aromas and scents out there that smell great but just not for you specifically.

But we have found the perfect scent that will appeal to most women who want their evening make-up routine to be stress-free and simple because smell really does matter, and Tocca Florence Eau de Parfum is lightweight and not overpowering, so you don't have to linger after your shower in case you plan on going anywhere right after! Yay! You'll love it!

We all know how frustrating it can be to find the right scent, but it's hard to narrow down your choices with so many options on the market.

Tocca perfume Florence is a light and feminine floral fragrance that will suit any woman who feels confident and beautiful. The scent was inspired by the romance of Florence, Italy, home to beautiful gardens where the air is full of jasmine and roses - among other amazing scents - giving a truly unique smell that is sure to leave you feeling like the flowers on these fields, with every inhale.

who are TOCCA and Their history

Perfumes come in all kinds of scents. The market is flooded with top-of-the-line perfumes from designers with prestige like Tocca's 25 fragrances spanning over a decade.

Not only do top customers love Tocca, so do their noses - who are by the way none other than Givaudan's Sonia Constant, Ellen Moller, and James Bell.


Tocca fragrances

TOCCA the notes

TOCCA Florence Parfume was released in 2006 and is appropriately classified as a floral green fragrance. Tocca describes the perfume and its notes as follows:

A Parisian beauty and sophisticate, Florence conjures memories of old-world Paris.

Gardenia, which symbolizes love and grace in the Far East, is a beautiful decorative shrub. It was named after American botanist Dr. Alexander Garden who discovered it while on an expedition to China. The flowers of this plant are white with yellow centers that have a pleasant aroma when they bloom during springtime or summertime.

Gardenia may be added as decoration to traditional green tea such as jasmine for its fragrant smell and because it represents harmony and peace. The flowers are delicate and fragrant and often used in the East Asian culinary world. The flower itself is white with a waxy texture and five petals with a pale yellow center.

The actual flower on the bush has a very delicate, dewy, green, airy fragrance.

Gardenia is one of those flowers whose aroma can’t really be captured from the petals, and its scent cannot be distilled. However, it's recreated using other essential oils. This flower is known to have a myriad of uses and is a popular component in perfumes and aromatherapy. The most popular essential oil used to make floral scents is the Pogostemon cablin, also known as patchouli, and has a pungent, musty, and earthy smell that is far from the flower’s actual fragrance. Other essential oils that are used include chamomile, ylang-ylang, and lavender.

Tuberose is one of the main ways to create a rich, indolic gardenia smell. 

The origin of tuberose oil can be traced to Hawaii, where it was used as a fragrance during religious ceremonies. Nowadays, it is often used in beauty products due to its sweet fragrance.

Tuberose oil blends well with the essential oils of orange, bergamot, neroli, lemon, rose, jasmine, and lavender. It also makes an excellent base note in perfumes.

It's also why perfumes that contain this ingredient are often described as being buttery-rich.

Tocca Florence Notes:

Top: Italian bergamot, Grapefruit leaf, Green pear, Apple

Middle: Ivory gardenia note, violet leaf, Jasmine, Tuberose, Blue iris

Bottom: Blonde wood, White musk

tocca The perfume

As far as perfumes go, Tocca Eau de Parfum isn't too complex. It's doesn't change much throughout its lifespan, but some features make this different from other scents out in the market today; you get simple freshness mixed into your daily life routine when wearing TOCCA Florence Parfume.

The beautiful flower of Florence is a summery fragrance that sends fresh scents into the air. It has light green notes of crisp pear, and a dewy gardenia note with subtle whiffs of tuberose to create an overall feeling like being in a sunny field on dainty feet surrounded by flowers.

It is not until later that something green remains to counteract the flowery notes. It must be grapefruit leaves or bergamot since anything else would make it too heavy, cloying, and indolic. It is gardenia all the way with a touch of tuberose and jasmine all together in a very fresh, perfect blend.

After some time, Florence becomes a skin scent, a bit creamier and richer. It's never cloying, but always feels green with watery fragrance despite its potency.

tocca eau de parfum

Tocca Eau De Parfum

tocca is similar to:

While it's true that Michael Kors perfumes are heavily based on tuberose, white flowers do have an important presence. In fact, the white flowers remain throughout the entire wearing of the fragrance. The floral notes are primarily lily, freesia, and white rose. Michael Kors fragrances also tend to have a few fruity notes, like bergamot and mandarin.

Michael Kors Very Hollywood

Michael Kors Very Hollywood

To compare Tocca's Florence to Ineke’s Hothouse Flower, it is clear that both perfumes have similar notes. However, there are subtle differences in the fragrance of these scents, which make them unique and interesting individually and complimentary when worn together.

Both fragrances share a dewy green smell with hints of woody notes underneath - along with dashes of galbanum and tea leaves, respectively!

INeKE Hothouse Flower

INeKE Hothouse Flower

There are a few more that we can add here like Chanel Gardenia and Gucci Bloom.

More about Gardenia perfumes in Gardenia Perfume, 11 Of The Best For 2021.

tocca the bottle

The Tocca bottles are beautiful, rounded glass flacons with etched brass-hued caps and names that inspire romance. The seemingly simple perfume bottles were inspired by the passion and romance of the artistic, bohemian past.

Some bottles are named after the most beautiful women in history, such as Cleopatra. Others are inspired by heroines of romance, like Juliette. The royal families of history even inspired some. All of them are beautiful.

Other Reviews

This fragrance would be perfect if the top notes stayed the whole way through. The pear is prominent on me in the beginning and it’s more of a sweet overripe pear scent, nostalgic and juicy like a fruit picnic with a hint of citrus. It combines beautifully with the white florals like a spring day out in the garden, eating fruits, walking barefoot in the grass. After about an hour it dries down into a more generic gardenia scent that smells too basic to justify purchasing a full bottle.
What a lovely, fresh, sweet scents! Reminds me a lot of Ellenisia, as they share the violet(very strong on me), gardenia, tuberose and jasmine notes, and they both have some citrus notes. I want one of these for spring/summer!

Where to Buy Tocca

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Are you looking for a new fragrance?

Tocca Tocca Eau De Parfum is an elegant, sophisticated scent that captures the essence of Italy. It’s made with bergamot, orange blossom, and jasmine notes to create a light, floral fragrance. And it’s perfect for any occasion – whether you want to wear something fresh and clean or something more sensual.

You deserve to smell good all day long without having to reapply your perfume every hour on the hour. Plus, they come in gorgeous packaging.

If you love gardenia and are looking for a gardenia scent that isn’t cloying, heavy, or indolic, I think you should definitely give Florence a sniff. It’s easy, versatile, feminine, would work as both a day fragrance or a date-night one, has good longevity, and smells like a good quality perfume.

I hope you enjoined this Tocca review.