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January 26, 2022

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November 6, 2022

Tom Ford oud wood intense

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense Eau De Parfum Review

tom ford oud wood intense

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense extended the  fragrance collection of brand Tom Ford, One of the Best Tom Ford Cologne For Men

We all know Tom Ford as the designer responsible for the chicest clothes and most luxurious fragrances.

His fragrance, "Oud Wood Intense," was released to the public in 2017. This fragrance is perfect for those looking to spice up their life with an exotic scent that lasts all day long.

Oud is expensive, hard to acquire, and so difficult to work with, but it can give a scent an unforgettable character.

Oud Wood Intense from TOM FORD is one of the few fragrances in which this precious material is valued for its real intensity. "Oud" means tree in Arabic, and no wonder – with the warmth of cypress and domineering, woody scent of cedarwood making themselves known among bergamot and lemon.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense is an irresistible middle eastern perfume that men will struggle not to fall in love with!

"Oud and castoreum combine with the remaining notes to make an animalistic and petroleum-touched black leathery smell. It is not thick and dense like Black Afgano, but more "open" and airy especially in the dry-down.

I think the juniper and ginger add notable spice to it as well. It's super dark and masculine with undeniable beast mode performance! Oh boy do I love me some loud perfumes XD

This is a tough one. It's not a mass appealing scent, and a number of people will be honestly turned off by it, however it is probably in the top 5 of everything I own or have sampled. You must try before you buy. I tested two separate samples extensively and they really stood out in both uniqueness and compliments!

Personally, I was in awe of it from first sniff (immediate strong black leather smell to my olfactory). It is allegedly a limited edition. If I had the money to blow I would have been crazy enough to get the 250ml flacon.

For me it's a masterpiece, and I would be sad without it in my collection. I've spent some time searching for amazing leather fragrances, and this one is the ultimate "black leather" smell for me thus far.

I layer this with Tuscan Leather occasionally for a darkly sweet, super rich leather smell. It's incredible stuff!"

tom ford oud  wood intense eau de parfum

The Aroma Of Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense

Oud Wood Intense is a kind of woody animal leather fragrance in which the aroma blends seamlessly with angelica root. Though not as prominent, notes are still present that brings out an earthy tone and make it difficult to pinpoint exactly what ingredient(s) provide this particular scent's unique combination.

However, you can smell celery, among other things like pepper or aromatic herbs before they all come together at one point on your skin--just beneath where surface-level apprehension gives way for deeper feelings about oneself.

Angelica root is the perfect complement to bright and citrus scents. It provides an earthy core that grounds you when walking through fields of green grass or smelling each flower as if it were being blown by gentle wind currents into your senses one petal at a time.

The opening of this fragrance is intriguing, with spicy and sweet notes backed by angelica roots atop fresh blonde cypress wood. From that upper chord come oud hints alongside a hint of pepper and bitterness from juniper berries which adds an extra layer to its already unique scent.

The verdant quality goes well against the darker qualities found in these other plants like cedar trees or even dates themselves!

Oud Wood Intense is sweet and fresh, almost citrus-like with a bitter edge. The smokiness quickly invokes memories from fires burning soft black ashes that create crisp air for an elegant atmosphere in which to explore this scent's powerful combination.

A perfume should smell both beautiful yet also carry some deep emotion behind it - when you wear something designed by someone who knows what they're doing like Tom Ford does so naturally without even having to try too hard because its signature style comes straight out of their closet.

The opening of Oud Wood Intense is a dark, woody scent with subtle spice and leafy character. Then, it evolves into an oud-like skin that remains present in one form or another throughout the rest of its journey through your nose!

The base notes are covered by birch tar which creates smoky leatheriness; these create depth without overwhelming you at any point on top note overloads as some other companies tend to do sometimes.

The growling and fleshy heart of this oud is the most textured part. In addition, it has a rougher edge, which can be felt in its vetiver notes along with oakmoss to give it some extra depth - not too much, though, or else you'll end up smelling like an old book!

But all these different aspects work together well; they're balanced out by each other, so there's no one component taking over as a prominent character within our fragrance. 

The base doesn't stop, and it's an animalic chord full of depth. It may not be to everyone's taste, though, because the fragrance smells woody with hints of sandalwood forscénario, which creates a clean yet smoky scent in some ways.

The Castoreum's animalistic odor adds a heavier and darker presence, while patchouli provides sharpness to the mix. Mahogany woods add rich brown tones that bring complexity to its softer side, with Oud Wood providing an intriguing contrast against these other notes, making it seem harsher than if they were combined or isolated from each other.

The blend of oud and castoreum is a unique one. The rich aroma starts animalic but quickly becomes more smooth than pungent with hints at musky smoke constantly on your skin all day long for hours after wearing this perfume-even if no other people are around!.

Soft leather combines well together in such an appealing way that everyone who comes close won't stop thinking about how good you smell!

The Main Notes and Accords Of Oud Wood 

Fragrance Notes:
Top notes: Castoreum, Augerwood; Middle notes: Cypress, Angelica and juniper ; Base notes: Ginger.

Main Accords:
  • woody
  • aromatic
  • leather
  • Oud
  • Fresh spicy
  • Musky
  • smoky
  • Amber
best tom ford perfume, must be in your shopping bag

Best Tom Ford Perfume Oud Wood Intense

Performance Of Oud Wood Intense

LONGEVITY   Long Lasting

SILLAGE         Very Strong

"Decent projection, good sillage and intense longevity - this for me sits up there with the likes of Tuscan Leather, Tobacco Oud and Tobacco Vanille.

This is beast mode on my skin, last over 12hr with great projection and sillage, i can still get a whiff of it 24hr later. Way better performance than the Tobacco Oud Intense. 3 sprays max or I'd get choked out. This is a classy and gentleman fragrance that you can wear all year round.

Strong, powerful and seductive. A unique fragrance that should become a masterpiece. Very different from the original Oud Wood.

Scent: 9 / 10
Compliments: 8 / 10 (hate it or love it)
Longevity: 10 / 10
Sillage: 9 / 10
Overall: 9 / 10
Buy It: YES "

tom ford oud wood intense edp

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense Eau De Parfum


As a design house product, a beautiful perfume, the packaging must follow suit. So Tom Ford has taken care to enhance their Oud Wood Intense perfume line's design from within and from without.

The original bottle is a rectangular glass bottle with a rectangular head curves downward gracefully, a shiny metal label declaring its contents adorns the front, top, and angled side all in unison for an enhanced appearance fit for an elegant cologne.

Inside is an elegant pouch that delivers functional protection as it enhances appearance. All perfumes are offered in 100 ml glass bottles with brushed metal labels reflecting sophisticated style inside and out!

Where Can I Buy It?

As a famous American designer, Tom Ford is well-known and popular for his design in clothing and accessories. As a result, many classic Tom Ford products are available out on the market.

Oud Wood Intense can be found at high-end stores like Perfume Shops in Los Angeles, small department stores, or mid-sized department stores like Sephora and Macy’s. Other sites include Amazon (depending on what size you're looking to buy).

When To Wear Oud Wood Intense

You can wear Ford Oud Wood Eau De Cologne wherever you go.

You can also wear it at home or the office, and its powerful aroma compound will permeate your surroundings for several hours afterward.

Tom Ford’s Oud Wood Intense is a classic choice for evening parties during which the fragrance mingles with food, wine, and neighborly conversation.

The Intense Tom Ford Oud perfume makes you extra attractive and helps get you noticed during evening drinks or dinner dates. When wearing this cologne, you turn heads (in a good way, of course)!



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Frequently Asked questions

How Tom Ford started? 

Tom Ford is a famous fashion designer and the Gucci Group's former creative director for women’s. He joined Gucci in 1991 and was responsible for every one of its products that includes accessories and fragrances.

In 2000 when Gucci bought YSL beauty and Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford became the creative director for both brands in addition to his existing position with Gucci. He resigned in 2004 when Pinault Printemps Redoute bought out the Gucci brand.

In 2005, Ford started his own brand of beauty items. With the help of Estee Lauder, he put together a line of clothing and accessories that are used today in many different beauty stores around the world.

What does Oud Wood intense smell like?

Oud Wood Intense by Tom Ford is a warm, spicy fragrance for men and women. Often imitated, never duplicated, this classic Tom Ford fragrance has been intensified with a bold new effect, ignited by smoldering Castoreum and Augerwood.

Why is Tom Ford Oud Wood so expensive?

Oud is so expensive because it's known to be one of the rarest and most sought-after ingredients for perfumes.

Not only does it leave a potent, mysterious, and above all arousing scent on your skin, but it can be incredibly stimulating due to its antibacterial properties, too - making even celebrities want these skin-enhancing perfumes and colognes like this top designer brand.

The holy grail among Ouds is Taif or fragrant agarwood (AKA Aloeswood), which grows mostly in Muslim Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia, because of the country's climate.

The demand for Taif has unfortunately driven suppliers to cut down trees over time despite their rarity and outrageously high price tags. As a result, certain other types of Oud have been introduced into the market, which, although they won't set you back by as much money, may suffice when considering substitutes during cheaper times.

What kind of smell is oud?

Oud wood has an earthy intense smell. It is rich in aroma, sweet to spicy notes, and orange accents. It depends on the species of tree that produces the resin and the process used for its extraction.

Closing Thoughts

Bottom line, Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense is a great scent for cold weather and nocturnal climates. Try before you buy because this fragrance stands out from other scents by its uniqueness as well as receiving compliments! It may be bothersome to some people but that means they're missing something special.

Make Oud Wood Intense your signature fragrance! 

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