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November 5, 2022

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November 18, 2022

valentino perfume

The Top Valentino Perfume for Women 

When you walk into a room and feel confident, your body releases pheromones that send signals to others. Wearing one of the Best Valentino perfumes lets the people around you know that you're in a good mood. Make them happy to be near you! 

We all love the Valentino perfume line. It's something that you can wear for the day, put on at night to go out with friends, and is just an easy way to feel confident and smell amazing!

The fragrances by the Italian designer Valentino Garavani, a leading figure in the fashion world (New York, Paris, London) are one of my favorite brands because they're the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

Valentino Garavani collaborated with many famous Noses among them Amandine Clerc Marie and Honorine Blanc. They have so many great fragrances from which to choose - some are even limited edition or seasonal scents! I'm especially in love with their newest scent: Valentina (a mix between red fruit punch and raspberry). 

So if you're looking for a new perfume from a fashion house or just want to try something new, I highly recommend checking out Juicy Couture. You won't regret it!

The Great And Best
valentino perfume for women

1. The Best Jasmine From Valentino - Valentina EDP

Valentina is the star of the global fashion scene - and surely the best perfume!

Its top notes are like a bouquet: an earthy tuberose scent mingles with strawberry while bergamot brightens everything up to intensify truffle's woody notes.

Jasmine and strawberry notes are big in this fruity fragrance. The earthy elements find themselves featured more heavily instead, especially over time as you bathe in all the wonderful aromas it exudes, with subtle hints of jasmine.

Valentina is a magical elixir of grace, presence, and strength. A rich floral fragrance with sweet overtones, the modern sensuality of Valentina is exotic and enveloping. With notes that burst upon your skin like the morning sun on a timeless cityscape, this scent reveals passionate femininity that is constantly poised to conquer.

This was a declutter regret for me. I purchased and decluttered it when I had less then half of the amount of fragrance I have in my collection now. My reason for decluttering it was because I was reaching for it more than I was reaching for Hypnotic Poison. 
What was the logic in that?! The truth is I prefer Valentina Poudre. It is similar to Hypnotic Poison EDT but it doesn’t have the licorice/caraway note which makes it easier to wear.
If anything I think Alaïa Blanche and Valentina Poudre are more similar. Either way I love them all but Valentina Poudre is the easiest to wear. It’s a powdery, chalky vanilla with a little ambrette. At least that’s what I get.

2. Best Women's Valentino Perfume - Blush EDP

 Blush for Women- Valentino Perfume

Blush is Grass, flowers blooming, and the faintest hint of blossoms in the air. Who better to bring that sense alive than Valentino’s new Valentina Blush Eau de Parfum spray for Women? This playful fragrance is perfect for those sunny days.

Blush evokes always-springtime with sour cherry and pink pepper notes balancing out spicy florals like an orange blossom at its heart.

The base note of soft praline blends seamlessly with familiar vanilla, so this fresh fragrance isn’t flashy but full of personality, as expected from this artisanal line.

They smell like a more delicate version of LVEB with cherry instead of currant and the addition of coffee. There is definitely coffee there. It spoils the smell a little. It would be nicer without coffee. This fragrance is very delicate, barely perceptible. It's a pity, because praline and cherry are a beautiful combination.

3. Valentino Perfume For Her - Valentino Assoluto EDP

Assoluto EDP

Valentino Assoluto eau de parfum is a perfect choice for autumn and winter days.

Starting with not-too-sweet top notes of truffle, peach and bergamot, the scent quickly becomes more woodsy thanks to the other bold smells like Madagascar vanilla, tuberose flower and Italian jasmine.

The base notes build on this foundation with patchouli mixed in as well as cedarwood to create a warm and earthy sensibility that's perfect for fall weather or your cool winter evening date.

Assoluto for women is long lasting so you'll always feel fresh

After Cartier La Panthere, I would choose this as my favorite modern chypre. It’s elegant and classy without being formal, very every day wearable. The truffle adds the unique touch that separates it from the crowd. 
Very heavy on the patchouli and moss, very dry in the bottom, the peach and tuberose are perfectly balanced by the chypre base, never overwhelming the composition and swaying it too far into boring fruity floral territory. The truffle adds this rich earthiness. Fabulous stuff, I love it. Decent silage will update later on longevity.

4. Valentino Women's Perfume - V Absolu

V Absolu

The new V Absolu will transport you to the lush gardens of Madres in Tuscany where all your senses are soothed by this beautiful blend of balsamic woods and heady florals.

The top notes burst with fruity figs, vodka, mandarin oranges, freesia, pink grapefruit and balsam fir while the heart encompasses rose, frangipani flowers as well as orange blossom.

This is balanced out with amber-like musks made up of sandalwood spice and cedar wood that radiates beauty from every spray!

I used to really enjoy this fragrance, so being the dork that I am I thought I'd check it out again, figuring I'd find it easily and cheaply like before. Welp, eh no. Just goes to show what happens when good perfumes get discontinued while you're not paying attention. I should have known.
Everytime I remember something good it's gone (just talking about fragrance here lol). Both this and "V" were happy perfumes for me and I associate good memories with them.
I kinda wanted them back in my collection, but I'll say "nay" to every seller trying to make a killing off old fragrances that happened not to flood the grey market with years of old stock after being chopped off by the brand.

5. Valentino Perfume For Ladies - Rosa Eau De Parfum 

One of the best Valentino perfumes -  Rosa Assoluto Eau de Parfum,

In the colder months, Rose Assoluto's warm, earthy scent will transport you to a relaxing getaway.

This floral fragrance - Rosa features comforting woodsy notes. The top notes are light fruity raspberry, saffron, rose flowers and a hint of orange blossom for balance.

It fluctuates from sweet to spicy so that it's perfect for any mood or occasion - even in the winter!

This dark, sexy, rose and fruit syrup absolutely delights! There's also a good, strong, woody base to give it a backbone, but I don't feel too much patchouli. Strong without being overwhelming, and long-lasting. Sweet, stylish, and unique... a big love!

6. Best Smelling Valentino Perfume - A Fruity Pink EDP

A Fruity Pink EDP

If you love sweet scents or fruity musks, we have the perfect gourmand for you: Pink.

This floral-fruity gourmand will have everyone asking what it is and where they can get it. If you want to spread the joy and know someone who has similar taste to yours when it comes to femininity, they will absolutely adore opening up this Valentino as a gift on their birthday!

The Pink fragrance smells awesome, is long lasting, and can be worn everywhere! 

Blind buy because I LOVE roses. Surprisingly, I love it!! I don't usually go for sweet fragrances. I smell like candied roses, strawberries, and warm cozy cashmere all at once. My son loves it...LOL. 
YOU WILL GO NOSE BLIND TO THE SCENT after about 30 minutes, BUT trust me, other people WILL smell you and you get the most beautiful and surprising whiffs of roses and strawberries as you go about your day. The scent lasts for 2 days on my skin and on my clothes. That was a HUGE pleasant surprise. I will definitely buy extra bottles of this.

7. Oriental Valentino Fragrance - Valentina Oud 

For Women Oud Assoluto EDP

This Oriental fragrance is a luxurious, sensuous scent that will make you feel like the star of your winter night out.

Top notes: silk cashmere wrapped in lush cardamom notes, contrasted by soft orange blossom petals. Middle notes: leathery tobacco leaves softened by rich Bulgarian rose oil. Base notes: exquisite saffron under laid with sweet spices and precious woods.

I want to love this, but it just feels like it is missing something. I'm not an expert on oud by any means, and I actually prefer the way it is used here versus some others I've smelled, but it is safe almost to the point of being a little boring.
It mostly comes off as leather and soft clean oud with some rose peeking out every now and again. Very soft sillage, surprising for an oud fragrance IMO, and not very long lasting. It's beautiful about 20 minutes after application until about hour two, then becomes a skin scent.
I normally don't refresh my perfume during the day, but it's 6pm and I've applied three times total in 12hrs. I would say it lasts 2-4 hours on my skin. My sample is a roller ball, so not sure if spraying clothing/hair would improve lasting power by much. Overall it's nice but not FB worthy. The bottle is so beautiful though! I would certainly use it if gifted.

8. Valentino Donna Born In Roma Yellow Dream

Donna Born In Roma Yellow Dream, one of best valentino perfumes

Valentino perfume Donna Born In Roma Yellow Dream is the new scent for 2021.

The top note is lemon, the heart note is rose, and the base is white musk. The fantastic fragrance is an easy-to-wear spring and summer daytime fragrance.

The smell of this scent is romantic, feminine, sensual and airy. The rather sharp citrus fruits opening is followed by sweet musk and a very powdery, but fresh rose note. A light and lemony floral scent, that stays close to the skin, but the longevity is very good.

Valentino Roma will stay fresh all day and is perfect to wear to the office, your perfect signature scent.

The performance is amazing. This is the prettiest floral perfume I own. It’s so inviting and inoffensive. This lasts BEAUTIFULLY. I feel like it melts like butter on the skin, so imagine how much longer it lingers on clothing. Definitely designed as a day time SS (summer/spring) fragrance. 
Casual! Not too “date-affiliated” or “work oriented”. It’s versatile and just a beautiful perfume. Out of all the perfumes I’ve tested & bought, Valentino has some of the best projecting & performing fragrances (in the same category w/ Chanel, Mugleir & Armani). 9.8/10

9. Valentino Ladies Perfume - Rock 'n Rose

Rock 'n Rose

Rock'n Rose is an enticing and alluring scent meant for the modern woman of today.

Rock'n Rose its soft, feminine scent was launched by Valentino in 2008 and has been popular with women in the fashion world ever since.

Valentino Rock'n Rose is a soft, powdery rose which is delicate and pleasant. For a light scent, it lasts for hours but it's quiet and close to the skin.

Despite the Rock'n Roll name, there's nothing rough and edgy here. It's quite lovely in its ladylike refinement. The rose is prominent, but it's not a soliflore. There's a good balance of notes that make this interesting.

This is an elegant fragrance. It's easy to wear and would be a good choice for times when you want a very soft, rose-prominent fragrance.


Which Valentino for women is the best?

I believe Valentina is the best fragrance for her... But it's also famous for being great. So you'll be in good company with this one!

What is the best new Valentino for 2021?

Valentino Roma Yellow Dream is the best new fragrance for 2021. Valentino perfume Born In Roma is fresh, feminine and airy; it is the perfect all-day go-anywhere scent!

Who makes Valentino perfume?

Valentino announced his official retirement from the fashion industry in 2007, with a January 2008 collection to be his last. Since 2008, the company has been under the creative direction of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpalo Piccioli, who had spent more than a decade with Valentino already. In 2018, a partnership was made with L'Oreal Paris that created even more depth for this prominent fragrance line. 

What scents are in Valentino perfume?

Most Valentino scents are based on florals with a hint of spices.

Is Valentino perfume unisex?

Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence an amber woody fragrance for women and men. Valentino perfume for men are very popular too.

Is Lady Gaga in Valentino perfume?

Lady Gaga is the face of Valentino's Voce Viva perfume.

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Where to buy the Best of Valentino perfumes?

Valentino perfumes can be found at high-end stores, small department stores, or mid-sized department stores like Sephora and Macy’s. 

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