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February 12, 2024

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February 12, 2024


Where to Apply Perfume? Here Are The Best Places For Women

For centuries women have used essential oils and scents made from the natural ingredients in plants, flowers, and exotic spices to create enticing fragrances. 

Over the years, fragrance production has grown into a global perfume industry. Now, finding a bewitching scent is much easier than in the past. All you need to do is visit a fragrance or general shopping website to buy a wide range of scented toiletries. Otherwise, go to your nearest perfume counter and test all the fragrances before you decide which one is right for you. You will be spoiled for choice with selections that will include classic Eau de Parfume Pour Femme or Cologne Pour Homme, and many unisex options.

It's Not What Fragrance You Use It’s How You Use It

“I put little drops on my fingers and put some under my arms and in my belly button. My dad taught me that if you put it where you heat up, the smell stays with you.” Liv Tyler, Actress

So, you’ve spent a chunk of your salary on this season's must-have fragrance, and immediately reward yourself with a few quick spritzes to celebrate your well-deserved indulgence.

The effect is instant, and suddenly you are faced with a date night with the person who gets your heart rate up.

Preparation is key when it comes to smelling as radiant as you look. Before you whip out the bottle of your new favorite Ixchel Leigh or Coco Chanel fragrance and start dousing yourself all over, remember to pay special attention to where and how much of your precious scent you apply to the pulse points of your body.

Using the body’s pulse points and natural heat to activate scent molecules has become an art. It is no secret that if you apply scent to these pulse points along the body, called chakras by some, you will hold the perfume for a little bit longer. By spraying, dabbing, or rubbing scent onto your pulse points, you envelop yourself in an inviting aroma that is hard to resist.

This play on the nose is the basis known as a signature scent. It is the first and last thing somebody experiences when they spend time with you. 

The Secret In Perfume Application Is On The Pulse Points

Preparing the skin for pulse point application should be a daily pampering ritual if you want the maximum results. A hot shower with plenty of soapy foam will increase your body temperature, creating ideal conditions for the heavenly scents.

Then, apply an unscented moisturizer to treat dry skin. This step will assist your fragrance’s vaporizing process and make you feel soft to the touch. This process will emphasize the olfactory notes contained in the perfume.

You may be wondering what olfactory notes are. They are a combination of factors used to achieve the perfume's unique accord and character, classified as top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Each olfactory note reflects a scent's volatility and how quickly it evaporates. 

Six Pulse Points For Perfect Perfume Application

Including the neck area, wrists, ears, belly button, knees, and the point between the breasts, there are six pulse points you can focus on for the best perfume application results.

Using your six pulse points for perfume application, you maximize your results. Another bonus is your treasured bottle of scented joy is longer-lasting.

If you want to be in the loop about where the favorite places men love smelling perfume on women are, you have come to the right place, so let’s get started!

Apply Perfume To Your Neck

Apply Perfume To Your Neck

Applying perfume to all areas of the neck, especially the nape of the neck, is a traditional pulse point used by most people.

If your goal is to seduce, charm, or leave the faintest hint of your signature scent in your wake, your neck is a great starting point.

Remember to lift your hair a little bit when you are busy spritzing. Perfumes and fragrances often contain strong concentrations of alcohol which can have a drying effect on long hair and interfere with artificial hair coloring products.

Apply Perfume To Your Wrists

Apply Perfume To Your Wrists

Applying perfume and perfume oils to the delicate skin around the wrists is another popular pulse point used for fragrance application. 

When we reach out to shake somebodies hand or receive a gift, our wrist becomes a serving point that connects our fragrance to whoever we connect with. 

Unless you are a contortionist, the area between the hand and arm is also the only place we can spray perfume on ourselves and then lift it to inhale and do a smell test. 

It is important to remember that you should avoid rubbing your wrists together to spread your favorite scent. The rubbing action causes the skin to overheat, which ruins the fragrance, drastically decreasing the length of time it will last.

Apply Perfume Behind Your Ears

Apply Perfume Behind Your Ears

Dabbing, or spraying, just the tiniest bit of perfume behind or even on top of your ears is an elegant way to compliment your beauty routine. You will want to take extra care applying fragrance here because this pulse point is close to the eyes and the face’s sensitive skin.

You can also opt for Eau de Cologne or Eau de Fraîche if you want gentler fragrance derivatives. They have less harsh alcohol additives present in the solution.

Moreover, if you dispense your perfume oil into a roller bottle, you can pop it into your bag and reapply your favorite fragrance throughout the day or before your date without getting it on your clothing. 

Apply Perfume Around Your Belly Button

Apply Perfume Around Your Belly Button

Spraying perfume on the area around your navel, also known as the belly button, will make you smell irresistible.

According to fragrance experts, the navel is a sweet spot if you want to explore all the different ways to apply perfume. You will find the scent of the fragrance is even more effective when sprayed in warm, dark places and usually unseen pulse points.

Only once you use this pro tip for perfume application will you understand why the navel is comparable to an actual fragrance diffuser! This lovely soft area is also the right spot for spraying perfume because the body temperature releases heart and base notes. This gentle release guarantees top fragrance application results!

Apply Perfume Behind Your Knees

Apply Perfume Behind Your Knees

Applying perfume to the back of the knees is bound to get you trailed by the man of your dreams by leaving a lasting unseen fragrance cloud that follows you every step of the way. 

When you spray or gently rub perfume and fragrances on the pulse points of this part of the body, you will give whoever has the pleasure of walking behind you a reason to follow. 

While the back areas of your knees are constantly moving, the knees generate a large amount of heat which causes the fragrance to evaporate and rise gradually upwards.

Apply Perfume Between Your Breasts

Apply Perfume Between Your Breasts

ISeducing the opposite sex with your signature scent dabbed discreetly to the hollow between your breasts and the areas closest to the heart is a given if you plan to be in direct contact with your date. The breasts and collar bones have long been passion spots for perfect pulse point application results.

Apart from ensuring a pleasing aroma emanates from your torso when you lean in to greet someone special with a hug, in moments of more intimate contact, the fragrance has a direct passage upwards. That means you will always have the results you want to get noticed.

How Much Perfume Is Enough?

Now that we know the finer points of where men love smelling perfume on women most, deciding how much fragrance to use is an important consideration.

One of the best words of advice regarding perfume use and smelling good is not to overdo it. Nobody enjoys being smothered in confined spaces by the cloying scent of even the most expensive fragrance. However, everyone loves catching a whiff of clean notes drifting and lingering in the air, like a gentle summer breeze in the morning. Or an exotic spicy destination at night.

So, with that in mind, think twice before giving yourself that extra spritzing. This advice is especially true when the fragrance is a Parfum, or Eau de Parfum(Eau de Perfume), blended with high concentrates of essential oils. 

The Rule Of Thumb For Perfect Perfume Application Is: Don’t Overdo It!

The most important rules when applying perfume to pulse points are:

  • Go easy, and don’t overdo perfume application
  • Less is more
  • Avoid applying perfume on all the pulse points at once
  • Spray perfume at least 15 to 20cm away from your body (the vaporized drops of perfume will spread evenly over the intended application zone)

When you buy perfume, it doesn’t come with a set of instructions so remember to make the most of the bounty of information freely available on perfume websites. You can also read about how to prolong the perfume’s duration on the skin, written by experts in the fragrance industry.

By following all the latest tips and tricks, you can subtly accelerate the reach of your perfume while ensuring you always smell delicious for those around you without being too overpowering.

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