April 14, 2022


Where to Apply Perfume And Fragrance: 6 Points to Follow!

Why is it so important to choose where to apply perfume? There are some points on the body from where fragrance is released with greater intensity. In fact, it is necessary to apply perfume on the pulse points, that is, those areas where the blood pressure is stronger. The skin in these points radiates heat. This heat will cause the fragrance to vaporize. This process will emphasizes the olfactory notes contained in the fragrance.

Below we reveal where to apply perfume, follow those points. Applying it at these points will prolong the perfume’s duration on the skin. This will enable the spread of the perfume towards the nostrils of those around you.

apply perfume To Your Neck

Along with the nape of the neck, the neck is the traditional point where perfume is applied by most people. If your goal is to seduce, charm or simply not go unnoticed, know that this is the best place to create the so-called "wake"!

The Skin Around Your Wrists

This is also one of the most used areas of the body for perfume, but you have to be very careful! In fact, once you have applied the fragrance drops you must absolutely avoid rubbing your wrists together. The rubbing action causes the skin to overheat, and consequently to ruin the fragrance, drastically decreasing its persistence.

Apply Fragrance Behind The Ears

Have you ever put perfume on your fingertips and then applied it behind your ear? Even if in an unconscious way, you have found another "pulsating" point of your body, perfect for applying perfume. But even here you have to pay attention: in order not to risk damaging the hair with the alcohol present in the fragrance, it is better to opt for Eau de Cologne or Eau de Fraiche.

The Navel

An unexpected place, right? If perfumes are more effective when sprayed in hollow and warm areas, then you will understand why the navel is comparable to a real fragrance diffuser! Here the heart and base notes are released very slowly, guaranteeing a truly top persistence!

Behind The Knees

Especially indicated for women, the perfume sprayed on this part of the body gives life to a fantastic trail. Imagine an evening in a club or just taking a walk. The back area of your knees are moving constantly. This movement of the knees generates a large amount of heat. This heat causes the fragrance to evaporate and rise gradually upwards.

Between the breasts, or on the chest

In the Middle Ages it was very common among women to perfume the space between the breasts, while for men it was the chest area - areas close to the heart. If you want to seduce, this is the best place to apply perfume. In moments of more intimate contact, the fragrance has a direct passage upwards, and therefore towards the nose.


Whether you use it to conquer or to affirm your personality, any fragrance must always be sprayed sparingly. This is especially true when the fragrance consist of high concentrations of essential oils (such as Parfum or Eau de Parfum). The first rule is therefore not to overdo it, because only a few drops are enough to fully enjoy an excellent fragrance. The second rule is to spray the perfume at least 15 to 20 cm from your body. This way the vaporized drops of the perfume will spread evenly over the area targeted. 

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