November 22, 2022
YSL best for men

The Best YSL Cologne For Men In 2022

Yves Saint Laurent’s colognes are some of the most recognizable and iconic in the world, and to many people, no perfume will ever come close to the way that Best YSL cologne L’Homme smells. However, not all of YSL’s scents have been created equal, so it can be hard to know which ones to try first if you’re new to the brand. Here are some of the best Yves Saint Laurent fragrances to get you started on your fragrant journey with this luxury fragrance house.

1. Best YSL Cologne 2022 - Y Le Parfum

Best YSL cologne 2022

Best Yves Saint Laurent cologne 2022

YSL's Y Le Parfum is an amber fougere fragrance for men. Le Parfum is a new fragrance and was launched in 2021. 

It's much better than the EDP, It is a sweeter version of the EDP, and it contains tonka bean, which makes it even smoother and more distinctive than the EDP. We can say it's more of a summer aroma than an everyday one.

Y Eau De Parfum is a bit lighter. You could wear it every day during the warmer months.
Going out? to a fancy restaurant or on a date, you might want to wear something like the Le Parfum.

It smells just as lovely as the Eau de parfum and only lasts longer.

Top: Apple, Aldehydes, Grapefruit and Ginger. Middle notes: Sage, Lavender and Geranium. Base note: Tonka Bean, Cedar, Olibanum and Patchoulis.

2. Best YSL Eau De Toilette For Men - Y For Men


Top Cologne YSL - Y For Men

Yves Saint Laurent Y is a youthful, masculine fragrance for the man who’s driven to enjoy life. This captivating scent is from the fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) and launched in 2017.

Energetic and refreshing, YSL aroma stays with you throughout your day, even when it extends into the night. When choosing a perfume for men it's important to remember that not all fragrant scents are created equal! Some are designed for daytime wear, others for evenings out or late-night get together. 

Top: bergamot, ginger, and aldehydes. Middle notes: pineapple, green apple, geranium, violet, and sage. Base: balsam fir, vetiver, cedarwood, incense, musk, and ambergris.

3. Best YSL Mens Cologne - L’Homme Cologne

La Nuit de L’Homme Bleu Électrique

YSL L’Homme Cologne

La Nuit de L’Homme Bleu Électrique -This floral woody scent is a favorite of perfumers, it’s one of their go-to scents for last-minute buyers. It smells great on anyone—and it lasts all day.

Men and women like it equally, which makes sense considering its complex mix of notes: Sicilian bergamot,where you wondering what does bergamot smell like?

Italian lemon zest, spicy coriander leaves and Bulgarian rose are top players here. Underneath are juniper berries, Haitian vetiver (an earthy note), tonka bean and birch tree oil with subtle hints of leather for a deeper finish.

At first sniff La Nuit cologne might seem all citrus; give it time to settle in because after half an hour you'll start to notice everything else going on under those sharp citrus – elements that balance out some of its more headstrong YSL aromas while adding depth to them as well.

4. Top YSL Cologne - La Nuit De L'Homme EDT

YSL best for men

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme

There are few YSL colognes on the market made with as much sophistication and artistic interpretation as La Nuit De L’Homme Eau De Toilette. Released by YSL in 2009 by perfumers Pierre Wargnye, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. La Nuit De LHomme was crafted to intrigue those who wear it with its initial whisper of cardamom.

A counterpoint to this top suggestive element is provided via the masculine floral yet pungent lavender and bergamot that permeates the air around you.

One thing's for sure: the ingredients are very rich, powerful and aromatic. If you get some spritz, top notes of cardamom will appear alongside the heart of lavender and Virginia cedar, as well as bergamot at the finish.

The more earthy notes of caraway envelop you like woodsy aromas enhanced by vetiver; an element made complete by its grounding force on your senses.

Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo creation La Nuit De LHomme is a sensual fragrance. Wear this beautifully masculine EDT all year round on any special occasion, let it be your signature scent  .

YSL cologne notes-Top: Cardamom. Middle: Lavender, Virginia Cedar, Bergamot. Base: Vetiver, Caraway.

5. Best Smelling YSL Cologne - Kouros EDT

Yves Saint Laurent Kouros EDT

The Fresh Smell -  Saint Laurent Kouros EDT

 The first of its kind, YSL Kouros Eau De Toilette is one of those amber fragrance that can never be duplicated. There is nothing else out there that smells quite like it.

A unisex fragrance, Kouros smells like a warm blast of vanilla mixed with amber wood and musk. If you've ever smelled those three together before, you know what I'm talking about when I say Kouros has a signature smell all its own.

It's not too sweet and not too smoky; it's just right -- balanced and classy enough to be worn by either gender. And unlike many other colognes, Kouros YSL never fades away - it lasts all day long. This YSL fragrance was released way back in 1981, but somehow still feels modern today.

Yves St Laurent Kouros will have your head spinning with the number of notes that combine to make up the main attraction.

Notes-Top: Aldehydes, Coriander, Artemesia, Clary sage and Bergamot. Middle: of Patchouli, Carnation, Vetiver, Cinnamon, Geranium, Jasmine, Orris root. Base:  Civet, Honey Leather and Musk – making it one among many highly recommended fragrances for romantic wear.

6. Perfect For A Date - OPIUM EDT

OPIUM EDT - YSL Cologne for Men

OPIUM EDT - Best Men's Cologne

The designer has often spoken of his admiration for women's sensuality; YSL Opium pour homme Eau De Toilette, one of his most famous creations, is said to have been created with them in mind, what are the best colognes to attract females?.

This Eau De Toilette Yves Saint is a floral oriental fragrance features vanilla, amber and orange blossom on top; black plum , iris and jasmine at its heart; tonka bean , patchouli and honey at its base.

It is classified as an ambery-oriental perfume. However you describe it, there’s no doubt that Opium was revolutionary when it came out – it was one of few fragrances at that time which showed real creativity in design.

Thanks to its unique flavor profile that combines woody notes with vibrant florals; dry leather finishes off everything perfectly without making any sudden transitions from start till finish.

This Yves Saint Laurent fragrance is perfect for a date.

The fragrance opens with top notes of  blackcurrant, star anise, pear and pink pepper and a dash of orange blossom. Then heart notes, citrusy coffee, jasmine, bitter almond, licorice, rich raisins and caramelized sugar. Base notes: glorious cedar, warm vanilla, hints of patchouli, crushed tonka bean and shimmering musks. 

7. Men Perfume - YSL L'Homme Parfum Intense

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Parfum Intense

Men Perfume - YSL L'Homme Parfum Intense

YSL Eau De Parfum Intense is the essence of the essence of the character. Similar to more excellent perfume styles like Yves Saint Laurent. Intense Saint-Laurent is characterized by fresh lemon scent, bergamot, and a slight black pepper flavor. The base for the aroma is artemisia whose dusty herb color gives sonic notes. The leather base gives off an old-fashioned masculine smell.

L'homme Intense fragrance has been a classic masculine scent for over 20 years. It's an essential for any man to have in his collection a YSL perfume.

The fresh citrus scent is best suited for spring and summer wear, but you can also layer it with L'homme deodorant or L'homme spray deodorant to carry you through fall and winter months.

This YSL Cologne is long-lasting, so reapplication will rarely be necessary. If you're looking for a daytime scent that'll get compliments galore, check out L'homme Intense by Yves St Laurent.

YSL cologne notes-Top: lemon, black pepper, and bergamot. Middle note: orange blossom, artemisia, and violet leaf. Base note: ambergris, woody notes, benzoin, leather, suede, and cedar.

8. masculine and fresh - L'homme Sport Eau De Toilette

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Parfum Intense (1)

Masculine And Fresh - L'homme Sport Eau De Toilette

With its clean, masculine and fresh lemon scent, YSL L'Homme Sport Eau De Toilette was created to evoke a sense of energy and passion in men.

It is a woody floral musk fragrance. The fragrance includes fresh spicy notes of nutmeg and coriander, along with floral heart notes of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. Musk provides base notes.

This Yves Saint Laurent fragrance is recommended for daytime during spring or summer, because it has a light feel to it and would help prevent you from overheating while out on walks or jogs.

Use your favorite cologne to give yourself a boost before heading into important meetings.

9. Kouros Body Cologne

Kouros Body by Yves Saint Laurent

Try Kouros Body by Yves Saint Laurent Cologne for a tantalizing, rustic scent that is perfect for any man.

This confident fragrance meshed balsamic, woodsy, and smoky notes to produce a rich effect that others will find enchanting.

Kouros Body is perfect for everyday wear, whether you're enjoying the outdoors or formal sit-down dinners.

10. Y Live Intense Cologne

M7 Fresh Eau De Toilette

Y Live Intense Eau De Toilette is a spicy, balsamic cologne for men released in 2019.

Sweet orange blossom opens the fragrance, leading to spicy ginger and zesty bergamot heart notes.

Aromatic base notes of musky sage with a tang of juniper finish the scent, wrapping it in a clean, earthy package.

Perfect for a spring day, the dry and citrusy accords make for a pleasing yet distinctly masculine scent.

FAQ About Saint Laurent Colognes

What does best Yves Saint Laurent cologne smell like?

The original YSL cologne is a woody, musky scent that’s been around since 1971. Yves Saint Laurent's colognes blend notes of lemon and orange flower with cedar wood, patchouli, sandalwood and tonka bean. The result is a masculine yet floral aroma that’s still popular today.

Is Yves Saint Laurent L'homme the most seductive scent?

Yes, When it comes to seduction, nothing speaks louder than your personal signature scent. So what are you waiting for? Make Yves Saint Laurent L'homme your signature scent.

What latest scents turn on a woman?

First, you want to put some thought into what scents turn on a woman. This can be tricky, but if you consider her personality type and preferences in clothing and makeup, then it shouldn’t be too difficult. Floral scents are always a good idea if she enjoys wearing perfume or lotion with flowery scents; anything sweet will work well for a girl who wears candy-scented lotions or loves gummy bears. In general Vanilla has the ability to please a crowd. While many different kinds of people find it appealing, it resonates most with men and women alike.