April 9, 2022
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Chloe Love Story Perfume Is Top Chloé Parfum

Chloe perfume can be summed up in one word: fearless. Fearless perfumes, flowers and feminine femininity.

Chloé perfume has been surprising women and the rest of the world since 1975 with its signature scent that contains a colossal amount of syrup, powder and ambience.

The brand is so fearless; it dares to take a giant step forward with a massive bouquet of magnolia absolute at its core - quite a spectacular statement that leaves one with no other option but to remember it.

It's adventurous - as though you're travelling through a jungle where half of the flowers you encounter are poisonous, but half is pure bliss.

The perfume, kind of makes you want to put on your best dress, find your closest flora-loving gal pals, get lost in the forest (or city) and smell as pretty as can be!

Love Story perfume

Chloe Love Story Eau De Parfum Review

Chloe Love Story begins with fruity top sparkling orange and fuzzy blackcurrant notes.

These juicy fruits are followed by a heart that highlights soft Muguet, wild rose, and orange blossom, as well as the sensual embrace of patchouli and vanilla, creating soulful aroma for the base.

A radiant floral bouquet at the very core of Chloé is a surprising but seamless companion to this fruity luxury, such as its playful cousin, the neroli, whose effervescent charm envelopes these vibrant fruits in perfect balance.

One can quickly tell with Anne Flipo’s work that she is very adept at extracting floral notes. In this case, the orange blossom and stephanotis come together in a big way.

The combination is quite bold smelling and honestly, a little revolting to my nose due to the distinct indolic odor it exudes - but somehow, Anne Flipo has managed to add just enough of another note - one who comes across as fresher - so that while still bold at first sniff, they will become more difficult to detect with a deeper concentration on its profile

The base of the fragrance is about musk and lots of it. The perfume begins its hunt as a powdery leather, but it evolves into a highly pleasurable woody aroma as the scent progresses. In the end, you're left to bask in the blossom fragrance of a very pleasant musk that turns heads your way.

Love story fragrance is a delightful spring floral that immediately captivates the senses. It feels like a light cocktail of white flowers accented with dry cedar wood and a sharp herbal note.

You may fall for this fragrance tale of love and romance as it transitions on to more earthy notes while still being gently flirty.

love story chloe

About Chloé A Sensual Perfume

Launched in:



Anne Flipo

Fragrance Family:

White Floral 



Fragrance Notes:

Top: Neroli.
Heart: Orange Blossom & Stephanotis.
Base: Musk and Cedar.

Season & Occasion:


Package Design:

Padlock shaped bottle, a sign of love on the bridges Paris.

Available Products:

Eau de Parfum 1 fl oz, 1.7 fl oz, 2.5 fl oz .


Actress - Clémence Posey

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is LS sweet?

Love stories involve you and perfume. The fragrance has an elegant floral scent, and it sounds like spring. Beautiful female. Clean, floral, small fruit.

What scent is LS?

Chloe EDP notes contain Neolus citrus blossoms, stephanotis or cedar. The fragrance carries a similar scent as citrus. It smells like a tightly rose.

What is the difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette?

The reality is that eau de toilette and eau de parfum aren't the same. Sure they might say the same name on the bottle, but how they're made can result in two very different fragrances. So, where this gets tricky is in the varying levels of concentration! Compared to a cologne, an EDP has more perfume oil. EDP scent will be much more powerful, lasting and intense - which may not suit everyone's tastes.


The perfect perfume for a woman in love. 

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