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October 5, 2022

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November 9, 2022

Best Women's Perfume According To Men (600 × 400 px)

17 Best Women's Perfume According To Men

Magnetic perfumes charge the powers of attraction.
The following article reveals the mystery behind the Best Women's Perfume According To Men.

It also reveals how perfumes' intrinsic fusions ignite emotions that words cannot express.

Perfume has a life of its own. Every spray creates an elusive and intoxicating taste of the mystique. That's why it is so hard to resist buying more than one bottle at a time.
Behind every perfume idles invisible magic waiting to convert dreams into reality. 

"Perfume is potentially a carrier for the imagination. Perfume is thick; it is poison and pure desire; it is Eros in person," said Serge Lutens


1. L'eau d'Issey - Eau de Toilette Spray by Issey Miyake

L'eau d'Issey - Eau de Toilette Spray by Issey Miyake (600 × 400 px)

Tried and tested, L'eau d'Issey EDT continues to excite the olfactory senses in both men and women. Even though L'eau d'Issey has been around a while, each spray evokes a sensation of déjà vu.

Issey Miyaki envisioned and compiled a formula for a pure fragrance of mixed scents. Springtime, fresh water, and woodlands.

With pluck and toil, he dug in and fashioned magical perfumes filled with aromas of lotus and freesia. Other scents and oils such as cyclamen, peony, lily, and carnation deepened the taste. Notes of cedar, sandal, and amber capped the finishing touches.

L'eau d'Issey is not outdated as some may think. All you need is a whiff of this delicious scent, and it is love again for the second time around.

We can agree that L'eau d'Issey scent is ageless, timeless, and eternal.
Ladies, on a first date, be reckless and hypnotize him with a blast of L'eau d'Issey eau de toilette - it will blow the man away.

  • Long lasting
  • Value for money
  • Very feminine 
  • Moderate sillage

2. Sa Majeste La Rose Perfume by Serge Lutens - Best Perfume

Sa Majeste La Rose Perfume by Serge Lutens (600 × 400 px)

For every occasion, Sa Majeste La Rose scent is your fashion detail.

Serge Lutens' daring and revolutionary creation set a new standard for perfume - the one and only - Sa Majeste La Rose.

The top fragrance dazzles you with a fresh, potent rose taste followed by the feel of spicy, woody warmth. No doubt, Sa Majeste La Rose scent is one of the best unisex perfumes!

The delicate floral tones may not impress immediately. After a few minutes, the spicy Oriental tang pulsates and liberates the senses. Falling in love with Sa Majeste La Rose is high.

Sa Majeste La Rose perfume sported by both sexes is unique, interesting, and hypnotic. At a black tie event, a simple garden party lunch, or hanging out with friends, Sa Majeste La Rose scent will reign.

Compliment after compliment will keep on keep on coming.
Her Majesty - La Rose - exudes notes of delicate Moroccan rose. His Majesty reveals notes of Guaiac woody cloves. A perfect match for the perfect couple.

  • Long lasting
  • Unisex
  • Value for money 
  • Moderate sillage

3. Libre perfume by Yves Saint Laurent

Libre perfume by Yves Saint Laurent (600 × 400 px)

Searching for a new perfume? Don't miss out on Libre by YSL.

Libre's scent is for the free-spirited, infused in a trendy bottle with the YSL insignia hugging its sides. The lavish. The female who walks the walk.

Top and middle notes ooze lavender, Mandarin, and Orange floral extracts. They capture the spirit of this heady scent.

Libre perfume is irresistible with black currant, jasmine, white honey, musk, vanilla, and cedar.

The dominant lavender aroma may take time to settle before the other scents kick in. But once they do, you will be smitten.

Libre perfume will entice, bewitch and tantalize at work, night clubbing, or chilling. So when passing your favorite perfumery, stop to sample this delicious, seductive vanilla scent. You will never regret it!

  • Long lasting
  • Moderate to strong sillage
  • Seductive

4. Chance Eau De Parfum by Chanel - Perfume That Makes You Irresistible

Best Women's Perfume According To Men (600 × 400 px)

Sophisticated, dynamic, and intimate, Chance is another magical Eau De Parfum by Chanel.

With casual clothes, Chypre floral notes abound. Smart work clothes bring out the sophisticated note of jasmine and iris. Sexy evening attire releases the understated notes of patchouli, musk, and vanilla. Impossible to go wrong.

"Life is full of chances, don't miss yours today," said M Howson. 

beautiful bottle of Chanel Chance EDP
Chance is for any time, anywhere. The various notes blend into each occasion and every moment in time.Although a bit pricey, Chance EPD is worth it. 

On a special date, and wanting to feel formidable whilst milling with the in-crowd? Spritz a few drops of Chance vanilla scent, and without a doubt, men will be drooling at your side.So indulge and add a  to your perfume collection.

You never know, today, maybe your chance to encounter your true and only one.

  • Very feminine
  • By Chanel
  • Irresistible
  • Moderate sillage

5. Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum Intense by Philosophy

Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum Intense by Philosophy (600 × 400 px)

A big surprise for Summer 2022 and a step into the extraordinary.

Cristina Carlino, creator and founder of the house of Philosophy believed in miracles. She excelled and created the delicious, modern, feminine perfume - Amazing Grace. A feel-good fragrance is suitable for all palates.

Amazing Grace fragrance persists for hours and nuzzles the body. Its delicious fruity, floral scent is hypnotic.

The pink color perfume in its ritzy bottle is a dead giveaway. It reveals the top notes of strawberry and raspberry. More notes of rose and musk will leave you stunned by the bunch of compliments that come your way.

Amazing Grace is a scent that can change you into an elegant, stylish, charming woman. Gentlemen alike will feel honored and dignified by your graceful presence.

  • Long lasting
  • Value for money
  • Hypnotic

6. Deep Red Perfume by Hugo Boss 

Deep Red Perfume by Hugo Boss (600 × 400 px)

The one and only Hugo Boss is capable of encapsulating the hearts of all women with his Deep Red Eau de Parfum. Envy and admiration surround him as all men hanker after his secret potion.

Although Deep Red perfume has been around for some time, it never fails to thrill. It drives both men and women crazy with its fruity, clementine, and gingery vanilla notes.

Deep Red scent confirms that you are that strong, confident woman capable of achieving what you want.

Out clubbing? Debating? Or chairing a meeting? Audiences all around will feel enthralled and captivated by hibiscus, vanilla, and musky scents.

The color Red symbolizes passion, warmth, and romance. Deep Red Perfume goes further. It brings out the mysterious, the daring, and the sensual. Wear the Boss to conquer Eros.

  • Long lasting
  • Very good value for money
  • Sensual

7. La Terre d'Hermes by Hermes

HERMÈS Terre D'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver EDP(600 × 400 px)

Perfume, like an orchestra, has the power to captivate memories, provoke deep emotions and transform your world.

Whereas instruments produce an amalgam of exquisite sounds, perfume notes produce exquisite aromas.

One delicious scent that comes to mind is La Terre d' Hermes by the house of Hermes.

Launched in 1952, this French high fashion luxury fragrance is timeless. It has a captivating allure that delights the olfactory senses and sets the mood for the day.
Intoxicating and true to its name, earth, La Terre d' Hermes perfume, is a mixture of woody, grassy base notes. The infusion of vetiver and cedar has a slow aroma release allowing the aromatics to last for hours.

La Terre fragrance glistens in a gorgeous, sturdy glass bottle. Its amber tinge titivates like an independent, strong and grounded woman who goes about her business with a spring in her step.

She is a sparkle of mischief, fun, and laughter.

While on your way, flatter your senses with humming music and heady aromas and believe all obstacles can be overcome.

  • Long lasting
  • Value for money

8. Gabriel Perfume by Chanel 

Gabriel Perfume by Chanel (600 × 400 px)

Gabriel by Chanel, an enticing vanilla, floral fragrance, has been a bestseller for many years.

A few drops of the exotic scents of musk, sandalwood, and Cashmeran are enough to make your heart throb. Gabriel scent by Chanel is the culprit.

It is known that perfumes attract attention and are provocative and irresistible. Gabriel by Chanel is just that.

If you want to feel inspired and feminine, then douse yourself with some Gabriel scent drops. As the day progresses, the various notes deepen and delight your senses.

The benefits of Gabriel by Chanel are that it is portable, affordable, and makes a magnificent gift.

Flatter yourself and keep your beau smitten with the heady grapefruit, jasmine, vanilla, and black currant aromas of Gabriel by Chanel.

  • Moderate to long longevity
  • Very feminine
  • Nice Vanilla

9. J'Adore Eau De Parfum by Dior

J'Adore Eau De Parfum by Dior(600 × 400 px)

Recently created, J'Adore EDP perfume is for the modern woman.

Not exactly one of Dior's usual perfumes with top, middle and base notes, J'Adore is a fresh 100% natural perfume made from a mixture of floral scents and water.

J'Adore awaits you in an easy-to-grip bottle decorated with circles of golden spirals and a long narrow neck. Pearly white in color and stylish, this tempting perfume is ready to brighten your day.

Blends of sunny Arabian jasmine, Chinese magnolia, rose, and neroli oil highlight the radiant warmth J'Adore perfume has to offer.

Sometimes a disadvantage becomes an advantage. This aromatic fragrance won't saturate your clothing or the environment.

Even better, those sensitive to solvents can now relax and delight in a pure and chemical-free perfume.

As you gaze across the room and settle on the one, his eyes lock with yours and roar, I adore you and your perfume - J'Adore EDP.

10. La Vie Est Belle Perfume by Lancome 

La Vie Est Belle Perfume by Lancome(600 × 400 px)

Flirt with life with Lancome's delicious perfume.

One way to experience the maxim "life is beautiful" is to luxuriate in Lancome's La Vie Est Belle perfume.

This heady, delicious perfume is a mine filled with bursting mixtures of luscious, sweet, and spicy-smelling fragrances.

Your first taste is of spring flowers, then earthy mint, followed by sensual, warm vanilla, erotic Arabian iris, and jasmine.

These magical potions glean compliment after compliment, especially from the opposite sex - men.

This perfume might not be mesmerizing, but it oozes warmth and joy, making you feel inviting and huggable.

Off the record, your presence will linger long after you have gone, thanks to LVEB's high sillage.

Achieve the most out of your perfume by spraying the neck, back of the knees, and inner wrists. These pulse areas heat up and help the slow release of perfume shades. Without question, your man will be clinging to your side.

11. The Only One Perfume - that attracts guys

The Only One Perfume by DolceGabbana(600 × 400 px)

D&G remains unbeatable in their luscious Italian line of perfumes. The Only One perfume is an irresistible must-have. Its characteristics achieve the unachievable - exposing the most feminine side of women.

The Only One perfume is appropriate all season round.

Orange blossom and violet top notes blend in with spring aromas; iris and rose middle notes bathe in the summer sun; vanilla notes appease the approach of autumn, and the bittersweet coffee base note offers solace for the winter.

Some may find The Only One a bit sugary in the beginning - but given a chance to dry down - you will nestle in its exquisite low-key notes and stay captivated for hours enjoying great sillage.

Spruce up for your hot date, splash on your hypnotic fragrance - The Only One - and set the wheels in motion to become his one and only.

12. Coach Floral Blush Eau De Parfum by Coach

Coach Floral Blush Eau De Parfum by Coach(600 × 400 px)

In the mood for an uplifting, understated Eau de Parfum?

Try Coach Floral Blush and delight in its energetic, fruity floral, spirited scents. Packed with top notes of goji berries, middle notes of peony peach, and base notes of woody, musky heavenly aromas Coach Floral Blush is magical.

Waiting to share its alluring charm with you, this gem, Floral Blush, is alive in a feminine bottle etched with the Coach insignia.

The sillage may not last all day, but if you prefer to control your fragrance aroma, then Coach Floral Blush perfume is for you. You can freshen up when and how you please.

Try not to blush when your loved one snuggles up and chills out on your couch, taking in your delicious Coach Floral Blush fragrance.

12. Victoria's Secret Perfume - Very Sexy Night

Victoria's Secret Perfume - Very Sexy Night(600 × 400 px)

Perfume is a potion, a memory, a passion, and Very Sexy Night is exactly that.

Not only is VSN an alluring perfume and infiltrates the olfactory senses of those lucky to be in the right place.

Filled with bursts and hints of exotic scents of black plum, velvet woods, and luscious fruit, Very Sexy Night is contagious. It is subtle and warm with floral undertones.

The shapely black bottle says it all. Very Sexy Night is a well-priced and well-packaged perfume. A few drops draw and penetrate the atmosphere and make you the most attractive woman in the room.

As the evening progresses, Very Sexy Night's heady scents alter the senses, linger and light up the night.

Be daring, be sensual and treat yourself to Very Sexy Night perfume by Victoria's Secret. After all, it is one way to win his heart.

14. Good Girl - Men's favorite perfume on a woman

Good Girl Perfume by Carolina Herrera(600 × 400 px)

Carolina Herrera is a famous, talented fashion designer and creator of delicious perfumes. Her perfume, Good Girl, thrives on making people fall in love.

CH also said, 'it's so good to be bad!' GG perfume makes you feel exactly that - naughty and nice.

Fruity notes with an oriental twist of Bergamot and lemon infused with jasmine and rose make this heady perfume irresistible.

Tonka bean, patchouli, and musk amplify this girly perfume's mysterious and sexy side.
Long-lasting and erotic, GG perfume, trapped in an exotic, black, stiletto-shaped bottle, grips you and triggers the clubbing mood mode.

At the disco? Dance till you drop. Flirt back with a real man who recognizes and craves your mischievous sensuality. The electric magnetism between you two is all thanks to Carolina Herrera.

15. Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne Spray by Jo Malone

Wood Sage Sea Salt Cologne Spray by Jo Malone(600 × 400 px)

Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne bursts with the feel of fresh ocean air, sandy beaches, and swirling waves.

The fused sea salt, wood sage, grapefruit, and seaweed scents perfectly match summer.

This aquatic perfume by Jo Malone London suits both men and women. Its woody aromas magnify the nostalgia of forestry, oceans, and nature.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne is paraben-free with medium longevity. Its salty, woody fragrance drifts and teases the nostrils with marine-like spices.

While you maneuver your way around the waves, Wood Sage & Sea Salt scents mingle and prickle your mind with illusions of him and her sailing in the skies.

16. Black Orchid - Best perfume for women

Black Orchid Perfume by Tom Ford(600 × 400 px)

The inimitable Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume is intoxicating, daring, and addictive.
Heady mixtures of oriental oils and floral spices make this perfume potent, luxurious, mysterious, and sultry.

Held captive in a sexy black bottle, this erotic perfume is an essential feminine item.

To make a statement, BO perfume by Tom Ford is your best choice.

As you exit the room, your presence will remain, thanks to BO's strong sillage and longevity.

Sitting in the muted light of a trendy lounge, Tom Ford perfume, with its mixtures of heavenly Jasmine, Orchid, Mexican Chocolate, Patchouli, and Incense, will hack the olfactory senses of all the regulars.

Drenched in the exotic energy of BO perfume, reactions from all around will be the same. Excitement Ecstasy Elation.

17. Black Opium Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent

Black Opium Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent (600 × 400 px)

A blend of different scents created by masters of smell can ignite euphoria.

Bonded in a black sequinned erotic bottle, this magical perfume by YSL is an extraordinary ultra-erotic must-have perfume.

Pink pepper and orange blossom top notes tease the olfactory receptors, followed by middle notes of intense, delicious black coffee, jasmine, and licorice. Finally, base notes vanilla, patchouli, and cedar seal and capture you with their richness and mystique.

Sultry, hedonist, and sensual. BO perfume is the perfect gift for the audacious and formidable. Engrave a loving message on the bottle and make her day with this intoxicating, exciting perfume.

You only live once, so let down your guard and be reckless - Black Opium will dazzle the daylights out of every man. Make it happen with the adrenaline-filled scents of YSL's BO perfume.

In Conclusion

Perfume can transcend you onto a rainbow world of mystique, erotic scents, and romance. Perfume is a narcotic, a poison that will captivate, enrapture and tantalize all who sport it.

So Eros, put your arrow aside and seduce your Aphrodite with her favorite bottles of perfume. After all, it is one way of declaring your love and stealing her heart.