17 Tips How To Make Perfume Last Longer

By Amy Derungs

December 29, 2020

We all love to smell great all day, but some perfumes just don’t last that long. Many wear off by lunchtime. It could be that the perfume concentration in your chosen fragrance is low, or maybe you are not applying the perfume correctly. There are specific rules to applying scent to make perfume last longer - learn where to spray perfume to last longer. And it is also important to store perfume in the proper place so that it does not deteriorate.

How to make perfume last longer

To make your perfume last longer you should make sure that the perfume is able to connect with your skin and stay there all day. To do this, you will want to follow as many of the 17 perfume tips listed below as you can.

soap and perfume
  • Hydrate your body. How to keep perfume on longer: the most important thing to do before putting on perfume is to hydrate your body. Use an unscented lotion or one with the same scent as your perfume. After a shower and after applying moisturizer, your scent will hold much better than on dry skin. The cream will more easily retain the smell of the perfume and therefore the smell will stay on your skin longer.
  • Apply some oil to your body. How to make perfume last: just like moisturizer, body oils allow your perfume to last longer thanks to the fatty active ingredients they contain. So, like with a body lotion, you just have to massage your skin with an oil in the areas where you want to perfume yourself and then spray those areas with your favorite perfume.
  • Use a dab of petroleum jelly. How to make your perfume stay on longer: for this trick, you just need to rub a dab of Vaseline on the areas you want to perfume. After having let it penetrate your skin well, you can perfume yourself in these places. Vaseline will make it easier to retain the smell of your perfume on your skin.
  • Apply perfume to the pulse points of your body. Where to spray perfume to make it last longer: certain areas of your body are known to retain and absorb the smell of your perfume more easily. It is therefore important to strategically target the areas of your body to be perfumed. Choose to perfume so-called “hot” areas such as the neck, behind the ears, in the neckline or even on the inside of your elbows. Remember to also perfume your ankles as well as the backs of your knees to make the scent of the perfume rise on your body throughout the day.
  • Use matching scented lotion and other products. How to get perfume to last longer: another way to maximize your fragrance is to buy the lotions, body washes and other products alongside it. Many popular brands offer matching products to complement their fragrances.
  • Put perfume on your hairbrush. It is well known that your hair is the best place to perfume to make the smell of your perfume last longer. However, putting perfume directly on your hair could damage the hair fibers and therefore dry out your hair. By spraying your hairbrush instead, your hair will be lightly scented and not get damaged.
  • Don’t rub in perfume. If there is one thing you shouldn't do when you put on your perfume, it's this one: never rub your perfume against your wrists after spraying! If you rub your wrists together, you'll make the strong odors in your perfume disappear faster than you expect.
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  • Choose the right perfume for your skin type. The hold of your perfume is influenced by skin type. In addition the natural scent of your skin is as unique as your fingerprints and this influences the way in which a perfume smells on you. Some skins retain odors more easily while others tend to make them disappear quickly. Oily skin is acidic. So rather avoid emphasizing citrus notes. Instead, try to conceal the acidity by choosing powdery fragrances or mask it with your favorite oriental tones. In addition, changes in temperature can affect the longevity of your perfume.
  • Use Parfum or Eau de Parfum. How to wear perfume to to last longer: the concentration of perfume in your fragrance will determine how long it lasts on the skin. The more concentrated forms, like pure parfum, cost the most while less concentrated versions of the same scent, like eau de toilette, costs less but do not last as long. Most people opt to use an eau de parfum. Learn more about perfumes here.
  • Consider the base notes of your perfume. A good quality perfume will develop during the course of the day, revealing different notes. Learn more about perfume notes here. Perfumes with prominent base notes will last longer than those with prominent top notes. Base notes usually include woody or balsamic flavors as well as those with a spicier scent. If your perfume contains Oriental scents such as patchouli and amber, it’s likely to have a longer shelf life. Perfumes with lighter base notes, such as citrus, floral and green scents, will tend not to last as long.
  • Store your perfume in the right place. Make perfume last: it is very important to be careful where you store your perfume. You must store your perfume in a place protected from light, heat and humidity. Heat and humidity will break down the scent and decrease its quality. Instead, opt for a cool, dry place.
  • Keep perfume in its original bottle. How to make perfume smell last: some people like to decant their perfume into fancy bottles. While this might look pretty, it will allow air to saturate your fragrance, which can alter its chemical makeup.
  • Don’t shake your perfume bottle. Shaking the perfume can allow air to infuse the fragrance and shorten its lifespan.
  • Use the last drops of perfume. Mix the last drops of perfume from a spray bottle into some unscented lotion. Make the most of every last drop of your fragrance. If your bottle no longer sprays, add the remaining scent to some unscented moisturizer to create a lotion that smells like your perfume.
  • Perfume your clothes. Perfuming your clothes means that you will smell your perfume all day. How to make perfume last longer on clothes: spray the clothes in your closet or in your drawers to make everything smell good! The fabric has fibers that allow them to retain the smell of your perfume. However, be careful not to spray your perfume on white clothes or silk, as this may stain them.
  • Leave a perfumed scarf in your closet. In addition to spraying your clothes, you can also just spray your perfume on a scarf, then place it in your drawers or closet. One thing is certain, the smell of your perfume will never have been so present and it will remain so for a long time!
  • Use solid perfumes. How to make perfume last longer on skin: solid perfume is the best solution to have a long lasting perfume! It is very different from an ordinary perfume, since it is presented in the form of a balm. You just need to apply it to the skin, to smell great. Transportable everywhere, this scented balm is much more concentrated than a liquid perfume, and therefore allows the perfume to last longer.
Spraying perfume on neck

How to make perfume last longer; Conclusion

Follow as many of these tips as you can and you will be rewarded with a beautiful scent that lasts all day and well into the evening!

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