Published On:

October 24, 2022

Updated On:

February 15, 2024

Vegam perfumes under 50 dollars - Pacifica Persian Rose

20 Amazing Vegan Perfumes And Fragrances You Can't Miss

The good news is that you can be kind to animals while on a budget! To that end we bring you a selection of the best vegan perfumes . These natural fragrances are also cruelty, free smell just great and are just as long-lasting as some high-end offerings.

So enjoy going through your choices, knowing that no animal testing has been conducted in the manufacture of these perfumes.  

Our List Of Best Vegan Perfumes

1. MIX:BAR Vanilla Bourbon Vegan

Vegan perfumes

Vanilla Bourbon

Vanilla Bourbon is inspired by the richness of pure vanilla beans. This blended scent contains bergamot, jasmine, apple blossom, Madagascar vanilla bean, and sandalwood notes.

All MIX:BAR are vegan and cruelty-free brand. They are also free of parabens and phthalates. You can wear them individually, or layer these scents to create your own personal fragrance. MIX:BAR offers some of the best Vegan fragrances under 50 dollars.

2. MIX:BAR Fragrances - Tangerine Squeeze Vegan

MIX BAR Tangerine Squeeze Eau De Parfum

Inspired by a refreshing summer drink! 

A bright cocktail of sparkling pink grapefruit, sweet honeysuckle, and warm sandalwood. You can take this bottle anywhere, and it will never lose its flavor or energy. Ready for the beach or happy hour, enjoy the last few days of summer with this pleasant fragrance that makes me think, "Tropical Vacation!" The bright fruitiness is uplifting, while the sandalwood and vetiver give it an earthy base that will keep you grounded by reminding you nothing is all fun and games.

Tangerine Squeeze contains notes of clementine, pink grapefruit, frangipani, honeysuckle and vetiver.

3. MIX:BAR Blackberry Tonic Perfume

MIX BAR Blackberry Tonic Eau De Parfum

Inspired by the rich juice of dark berries.

Ensconced in lasting vanilla, this scent is ideal for lovers of delicate freshness. Logically, the sounds of summer will enthrall you in winter. It doesn't make sense to think otherwise when this perfume is wonderful from start to finish: sweet, clean, and utterly delicious!

Blackberry Tonic contains notes of blackberry, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, musk wood, and vanilla.

4. MIX:BAR Wood Elixir, Fragrance Vegan

MIX BAR Wood Elixir Eau De Parfum

Inspired by the natural sweetness that occurs as wood ages.

Wood Elixir Eau de Parfum invites you to take a journey incorporating your sense of smell and imagination. Experience the sensory notes of fruity berries and warm amber, bringing naturalness and earthiness with the scents of fresh lemon, blooming lilies, jasmine, and cashmere woods.

You will have become enveloped by a sweetness that is free-spirited yet full of affection for those closest to you.

Wood Elixir consists of blackberry, rhubarb, lily-of-the-valley, amber wood, and patchouli notes.

5. DefineMe Natural Perfume Mist, Clara

Vegam perfumes under 50 dollars - DEFINEME Natural Perfume Mist, Clara


Elegant and floral, Clara is a natural aroma mist that represents all the good and positive things in life. The top notes are blue violet and lily. The middle notes are hibiscus and lilac. The base consists of powdery notes and oak moss.

All the DefineMe scents can be worn on their own or blended according to your taste. DefineMe fragrances are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, phthalate free, and paraben free. And in addition, for every full sized bottle purchased, $1 goes to a non-profit organization that provides educational scholarships to girls in low-income countries. 

Do good while you surround yourself with positivity every day!

6. Lavanila - The Healthy Fragrance Clean and Natural, Pure Vanilla

Vegam perfumes under 50 dollars - Lavanila Pure Vanilla

Pure Vanilla

Pure Vanilla is a blend of Madagascar vanilla, creamy tonka bean, and soft heliotrope producing a seductive expression of nature.

Lavanila's eco-friendly, handcrafted, cruelty free natural scents infuse organic sugar cane alcohol with beautiful blends of essential oils and botanicals from all over the world to pamper the body and soul. Their natural fragrances are gentle on sensitive skin and completely free of phthalates, parabens, mineral oils and many other known skin irritants.

These are highly recommended vegan products.

7. Good Chemistry Sugar Berry Vegan Perfume

Vegam perfumes under 50 dollars - Good Chemistry Sugar Berry Eau De Parfum

Sugar Berry

Sugar Berry is sweet and light with notes of freesia, raspberry, and vanilla. 

Good Chemistry fragrances are vegan-friendly perfumess and cruelty free, and do not contain paraben, proplyene glycol and other harmful ingredients. 

8. Vanilla Orchid by Good Chemistry Eau de Parfum

Vanilla Orchid by Good Chemistry Eau de Parfum

Vanilla Orchid is a delightful vegan perfume, floral scent for women. Cheap but effective perfume smells divine, and you can wear it without offending anyone, just an innocent and daily pleasure

The main notes are Tahitian vanilla, orange blossom, and tonka bean.

9. Pacifica Perfumes Tahitian Gardenia

Vegam perfumes under 50 dollars - Pacifica Beauty Tahitian Gardenia

Tahitian Gardenia

Made with natural and essential oils, Tahitian Gardenia is a lovely spring and summer perfume for women - it is sweet, smooth, and slightly citrusy. The main notes are gardenia, sweet orange, jasmine and tea leaf.

You can wear Pacifica perfumes on their own, or layer them to create your own special signature scent. This scent is also vegan, cruelty-free perfume, and contains no harsh chemicals which could irritate your skin.

Pacifica is a very popular vegan brand and well known for its vegan perfumes under 50 dollars.

10. Pacifica Beauty Himalayan Patchouli Berry

Pacifica Beauty Himalayan Patchouli Berry

Himalayan Patchouli Berry is an aromatic fruity scent for women and men.

A versatile scent that can be used alongside other fragrances and leave a distinctive note in any aroma blend. Your will be delighted not only by the unique vegan scent but also with the value for money.

The main notes are sugar, patchouli, geranium and grapefruit.

11. Pacifica Beauty Persian Rose

Pacifica Beauty Persian Rose

Persian Rose is a fruity floral aroma for women.

Roses are often associated with the act of romance; they appear in ancient writings and the language of love poetry across many cultures.

The rose was considered a great symbol of poetic beauty by Sappho, a Greek poet from the 6th century BC. Roses were even more highly prized by Persian poets like Rumi, who used them to represent spiritual epiphany or enlightenment.

The main notes are rose, myrhh, fruity notes, and violet (vegan). 

12. Pacifica Beauty Tuscan Blood Orange

Pacifica Beauty Tuscan Blood Orange

Tuscan Blood Orange is a lovely  vegan aroma for women and men.

Our blood orange flavor is a sweet orange and strawberry combination that uses bright, juicy oranges to add sweetness and juiciness to strawberry notes for an aroma sensation you won't find elsewhere.

The top notes are strawberry and raspberry. The middle note is blood orange, and the base notes are mandarin orange and sweet orange.

13. Gourmand Paradis Tropique Eau de Parfum

Vegam perfumes under 50 dollars - Gourmand Paradis Tropique Eau De Parfum

Paradis Tropique

A fresh, feminine and sweet scent, Paradis Tropique's notes are blood orange, muguet, tiare flower and creamy sandalwood. 

Gourmand produces fruity floral scents that will have you dreaming of warm summer days or fresh ocean breezes. This is a cruelty free (vegan) brand with several perfumes on offer - choose one that suits your mood! At this price you could even get a few to suit every occasion! 

14. Gourmand Fleur De Blonde Eau de Parfum

Gourmand Fleur De Blonde Eau De Parfum

A beautifully fresh floral fragrance and very feminine!

The best fragrances can be changed to fit a user's mood. The goal is to make a fragrance irresistible to others.

The main notes in Fleur De Blonde are ambrette, violet and Cashmere musk.

15. Gourmand Noir Distillé Eau de Parfum

Gourmand Noir Distillé Eau De Parfum

Noir Distillé is the perfect vegan, summer fragrance!

Noir Distillery is a scent released in 2017. It's made up of rich, succulent coriander seeds and other natural ingredients, including vanilla from Madagascarian, bourbon whiskey barrels. Perfect for everyday wear and celebrations alike.

It consists of an unusual blend of black coconut, crisp amber and vanilla whiskey.

16. Gourmand Herbe Naturelle Eau de Parfum

Gourmand Herbe Naturelle Eau De Parfum

Herbe Naturelle is a lovely light feminine fragrance.

Take a walk through your local community park and breathe in the fresh fragrance of grass as it is cut long. The air bursts with the soothing scent of your favorite fruit – the pear, and all seem to be peaceful once again.

The main notes are juicy pear, earthy woods and bright musk.

17. Clean Classics Fresh Laundry Eau de Parfum

Vegam perfumes under 50 dollars - Clean Fresh Laundry

Fresh Laundry

Fresh Laundry is a floral fruity (vegan) fragrance for women. This vegan perfume is irresistibly refreshing. It captures the delicate scent of linens hung out to dry on a clear, sunny day. The top notes are grass, lime and orange. The middle notes are jasmine and rose, and the base notes are musk, heliotrope and woody notes.

Spoil yourself this summer with this gorgeous fragrance!

The Clean Classics range of perfumes are all eco-friendly, non-irritating, vegan, and free of phthalates, parabens, gluten, propylene glycol, mineral oil and artificial dyes.

18. Top Performance - Air Eau de Parfum

Clean Air

Air invokes the feeling of crisp, clear spring mountain air. It features notes of bergamot, sparkling freesia, and musk. This vegan fragrance highlights a beautiful, earthy aroma.

19. Blossom Eau de Parfum

Clean Blossom

Blossom is like falling into a hillside of freshly fallen petals. Envelop yourself with the first signs of spring. Featuring notes of neroli, orange blossom, and musk, this perfume surrounds you in a delightful fragrance.

20. Cool Cotton Eau de Parfum

Clean Cool Cotton

Cool Cotton is inspired by cotton that's cool to the touch on a sunny day, it recalls the carefree days of summer. It features notes of green apple, cotton, and peach. This perfume is calming and fresh.

In Conclusion

You can smell great while at the same time being kinder to your skin, our planet, and especially all animals. And you can do all this for a fraction of the cost of mainstream perfumes!

Next time you buy an eau de toilette or EDP, give some thought to the practices of the manufacturer and the quality of the scents' ingredients. Follow the growing trend to live and spend more conscientiously! 

If you are interested in natural fragrances, then you may want to learn how to make perfume with essential oils. There is also an option to make perfume from essential oils without using alcohol.